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Zombie Sprinkles

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Zombie Sprinkles

Zombie Halloween Sprinkle Mix | Zombie Sprinkles

Zombie lovers will rejoice in delight when they see this sweet bloody bone and eyeball massacre of a sprinkle mix!
Decorate your Halloween party treats with these zombie sprinkles and watch your friends and family marvel at how grossly delicious your cakes, cupcakes, and cookies look and taste!

Zombie Sprinkle Blend – mix of jimmies, non-pareils, dots, pearls, bones and eyeballs in purple, red, green and white

Inspired by creepy zombies, our zombie sprinkle blend is an exclusive mix of soft jimmies, crunchy non-pareils, sugar pearls, candy beads, bones, and eyeballs, in vibrant shades of red, lime green, purple, and white.

4 Ounces

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Guts & Bones! ~ Bloody candy shards, eyeballs and bones Sprinkle Mix

Guts & Bones! ~ Bloody candy shards, eyeballs & bones Sprinkle Mix

(Approx) 4-6 oz. Bag of Custom Sprinkle Mix

Spooky Mash

This is a fun mix for Halloween sweets!

Bloody Mary Sprinkle Mix, Sprinkles, Sparkling Sprinkles, Spooky sprinkles, scary candy, 4 oz jar

A beautiful mix of jimmies, sugar pearls and other edible sprinkle shapes. Scoop/cupcake is NOT included.

These are so great for a celebrations. They are perfect to use on baked goods, on top of ice cream or any desserts!

Most sprinkles have a shelf life of 3 years as long as they are stored properly. Some sprinkles will last longer.

Each is packaged in a 2 oz or 4 oz jar by VOLUME. These are not by weight. Some settling may occur with shipping.

Each of our jars contains APPROXIMATELY the following number Tablespoons:

2 ounce jar – 4.5
4 ounce jar – 9 tbsp

Zombie Apocalypse Sprinkle Medley

The night is dark and full of terrors. The haunted grave yard where the dead don’t always say dead, comes to LIFE! For the yummy desserts of course! Our Grave Digger Sprinkle Medley is perfect for decorating Halloween cakes, cupcakes, birthday cakes, over the hill cakes, ice cream, donuts, cookies, pastries, macarons, brownies, and more! This thrilling mix includes bloody bone candies, metallic silver rod dragees, silver rice dragees, black jimmies, sugar pearls, and chocolate sixlet candies.

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