What Creepy Things To Put In Jars For Halloween?

So you’re looking to add an extra spooky touch to your Halloween decorations? Well, you’ve come to the right place! When it comes to filling jars with creepy things for Halloween, the possibilities are endless. Picture this: eerie eyeballs floating in a mysterious liquid, creepy spiders trapped in their own web, or maybe even a preserved mummy hand reaching out from within the glass. The key is to let your imagination run wild and get creative with the items you choose to display. Whether it’s fake insects, fake blood, or even some spooky potion ingredients, these jars are sure to be a hit at your Halloween gathering. Just remember to take caution with the little ones around, as things may get a little too creepy for their liking. Happy haunting!

What Creepy Things To Put In Jars For Halloween?

Creepy Crawlies in a Jar

Real vs. Fake Bugs

When it comes to creating spooky jars for Halloween, one of the most popular choices is to fill them with creepy crawlies. But should you opt for real bugs or fake ones? It’s a decision that depends on your personal preference and the level of creepiness you want to achieve. Real bugs can definitely add an extra layer of authenticity to your jar, but they can also pose some challenges. They might not last as long or preserve well in the jar, and there’s always the risk of allergies or unpleasant smells. On the other hand, fake bugs offer durability and ease of use. They come in a variety of materials, sizes, and colors, allowing you to create the exact effect you desire.

Preserving Bugs in Resin

If you do decide to use real bugs in your jars, one way to ensure their longevity and preservation is by encasing them in resin. Resin is a clear substance that hardens when exposed to air, creating a protective barrier around the bugs. To preserve bugs in resin, you’ll first need to obtain a clear, liquid epoxy resin. Then, carefully arrange the bugs in your jar, making sure they are spaced apart to allow the resin to flow evenly around them. Pour the resin into the jar, covering the bugs completely, and let it cure according to the instructions. The end result will be a stunning, long-lasting display of creepy crawlies.

Bought Plastic Insects

If using real bugs or preserving them in resin isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry! There’s always the option of using bought plastic insects. These can be easily found at party supply stores or online retailers specializing in Halloween decorations. Plastic insects come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be incredibly realistic. By placing them strategically inside your jar and arranging them in a way that mimics movement or natural behavior, you can create a captivating and eerie scene. Plus, the advantage of using plastic insects is that you can reuse them year after year, ensuring that your creepy jars stay spooktacular.

Spooky Bottled Specimens

DIY Alien Specimens

Looking to add an extraterrestrial touch to your Halloween decorations? Consider creating DIY alien specimens in jars. Start by finding a small, plastic alien figurine or toy that fits inside your jar. Paint it with glow-in-the-dark paint for an otherworldly effect. Then, mix up a batch of slime using green food coloring and clear glue, and pour it into the jar. Add your glowing alien figurine to the slime-filled jar, making sure it’s partially submerged. Seal the jar tightly, and you’ll have a mysterious, otherworldly specimen that is sure to leave your guests wondering if there is life beyond Earth.

Preserved Animal Parts

For those who appreciate the macabre side of Halloween, preserved animal parts can be a spine-chilling addition to your jars. Animal bones, feathers, or even small taxidermy specimens can create an eerie and mysterious atmosphere. Seek out ethical sources for these items, such as nature preserves or online sellers who adhere to sustainable practices. Once you’ve obtained your preserved animal parts, carefully arrange them in your jar, considering their size and shape to create a visually striking display. Whether it’s a jar filled with feathers or a skull surrounded by bones, these specimens are sure to send shivers down the spine.

Mysterious Organ-Like Shapes Made Out Of Clay

To create a truly creepy and mysterious jar, consider making organ-like shapes out of clay. These faux organs can give the illusion of a specimen jar containing bizarre body parts. Start by molding air-dry clay into the desired shape. You can create hearts, brains, or even unrecognizable shapes that evoke a sense of dread. Once the clay has hardened, paint it with realistic colors, adding details like veins or discolorations. Place your eerie clay creations into the jar, making sure they are partially submerged in a colored liquid or fake blood to enhance the creepy effect. Display these jars in dim lighting for an extra dose of spookiness.

What Creepy Things To Put In Jars For Halloween?

Chilling Crystal Jars

Using Rock Salt to Look Like Crystals

If you want to achieve a chilling and icy look for your Halloween jars, rock salt can be your secret weapon. Start by obtaining a clear glass jar, preferably one with a lid. Pour some rock salt into the jar, filling it about halfway. Then, strategically place small LED tea lights or fairy lights inside the jar, ensuring that they are partially buried in the rock salt. The light from the LEDs will reflect off the salt crystals, creating a mesmerizing and ethereal glow. Add some plastic spiders or other creepy crawlies for an extra touch of Halloween spirit, and you’ll have a chilling crystal jar that is bound to give your guests goosebumps.

Incorporating Glow in the Dark Elements

For a spooky twist on the classic crystal jar, consider incorporating glow-in-the-dark elements. The combination of eerie crystals and glowing accents creates an otherworldly effect. Start by following the previous instructions to create your crystal jar using rock salt. Then, add some glow-in-the-dark paint or stickers to the lid of the jar or even directly to the rock salt. Make sure to charge the glow-in-the-dark elements under a bright light before turning off the lights to fully appreciate their eerie luminosity. Your chilling crystal jar will now become an illuminated centerpiece of your Halloween decor, capturing the attention and imagination of all who behold it.

Coloring Salt Crystals

To further customize your crystal jars and match the overall theme of your Halloween decorations, consider coloring the salt crystals in the jar. This can be achieved by using food coloring or even powdered drink mixes. Simply add a few drops of food coloring or a small amount of powdered mix to the rock salt in a ziplock bag and shake it well until the color is evenly distributed. You can experiment with different colors and combinations to create a vibrant or haunting effect. As you pour the colored salt into your jar, layer it to create a gradient or swirl it for a marbled look. The result will be a mesmerizing and chilling crystal jar that adds a pop of color to your Halloween display.

Sinister Slime Jars

Homemade Slime Recipes

Slime has become increasingly popular in recent years, and Halloween is the perfect time to embrace its oozy and slightly creepy nature. Making your own slime is easier than you might think. There are countless recipes available online that use ingredients like glue, borax, or contact lens solution. Experiment with different recipes and add food coloring or glow-in-the-dark paint to achieve the desired effect. You can even add glitter or small plastic spiders to create a more sinister look. Once your slime is ready, fill a jar with it, using a spoon or your hands to create dynamic and creepy shapes. Seal the jar, and you’ll have a delightfully gross, yet entertaining, slime jar to spook your guests.

Adding Items into Slime

To elevate your slime jars to the next level of creepiness, consider adding items into the slime. This could be small plastic insects, rubber snakes, or even eyeballs (which we’ll discuss later!). As you pour the slime into the jar, strategically place these items throughout to give the appearance of something lurking within. The contrast between the slimy texture and the solid objects adds an extra layer of disgust and intrigue. Experiment with different combinations and colors to create the perfect slime jar that will make your Halloween guests squirm with both fear and excitement.

Glow-in-the-Dark Slime

To add an eerie glow to your slime jars, opt for glow-in-the-dark slime. You can easily achieve this by adding glow-in-the-dark paint or powder to your homemade slime recipe. The process is similar to making regular slime, but with the extra step of incorporating the glow-in-the-dark element. The result is a jar full of squishy, glowing slime that is sure to captivate both children and adults alike. Turn off the lights and watch as the jar comes alive with an otherworldly glow, creating an unforgettable Halloween experience.

What Creepy Things To Put In Jars For Halloween?

Eerie Fairy Jars

Use of Figurines

Fairy jars can bring a touch of enchantment and mystery to your Halloween decor. Start by choosing a clear glass jar with a lid. Inside the jar, place a small fairy figurine, which you can find at craft stores or online retailers. Feel free to get creative and choose a fairy that matches the overall spooky theme of your Halloween decorations. Alternatively, you can use a skeleton or a ghost figurine to create a more sinister version of the fairy jar. The figurine will be the centerpiece of your jar, so make sure to position it in a way that looks visually appealing and captures the imagination.

Fairy Fog Effect with Cotton

To create an ethereal and mysterious atmosphere within your fairy jar, add a fairy fog effect using cotton. Take a handful of cotton and stretch it out to create a wispy and cloud-like appearance. Place it carefully inside the jar, ensuring that it surrounds the fairy figurine while allowing it to still be visible. The cotton will give the illusion of swirling mist or fog, adding an extra layer of enchantment to the overall jar. The combination of the fairy figurine and the fairy fog effect will transport your guests to a world of magic and intrigue.

Glowing Fairy Jar with LED Lights

If you want to take your fairy jar to the next level, consider incorporating LED lights to create a glowing effect. Purchase small LED lights or fairy lights that are battery-operated and do not generate heat. Place the lights inside the jar, surrounding the fairy figurine or being intertwined with the cotton fog effect. The LED lights will emit a soft and enchanting glow, bringing the fairy jar to life. You can even experiment with different colors or twinkling effects to add an extra touch of magic. Display your glowing fairy jar in a dark corner or as a centerpiece, and watch as it becomes a mesmerizing focal point of your Halloween decorations.

Creepy Doll Parts in Jars

Sourcing Old Dolls

For a truly eerie and haunting jar decoration, creepy doll parts can be a spine-chilling addition. Finding old, abandoned dolls can be a treasure hunt in itself and can be sourced from flea markets, thrift stores, or online marketplaces. Look for dolls that have missing limbs, damaged faces, or a generally unsettling appearance. These dolls add an extra layer of creepiness to your jars. Remember to clean the dolls thoroughly before using them in your decorations. Antique doll parts can also be used to give your jars an even more aged and eerie aesthetic.

Strategic Placement of Parts

Once you have your assortment of creepy doll parts, it’s time to strategically place them in your jars. The key is to create a sense of unease and disarray. Consider using a combination of limbs, heads, and torsos, arranging them in a way that looks haphazard and unsettling. You can add fake blood or dirt to make the parts look even more gruesome and decayed. Play with different sizes and angles to create a visually striking and eerie display. Remember, the goal is to evoke a sense of discomfort and apprehension in those who view your jar.

Adding Blood Effects

To enhance the horror factor of your doll parts in jars, adding blood effects is the way to go. This can be achieved by using fake blood or red-tinted liquid, like colored water or even edible syrup, depending on your preference. You can pour a small amount of the blood-like substance directly into the jar, allowing it to collect at the bottom and give the appearance of a gruesome scene. It’s essential to use the blood effects sparingly and strategically to create maximum impact. The combination of the doll parts and the blood effects will transform your jar into a chilling masterpiece that is sure to send shivers down anyone’s spine.

What Creepy Things To Put In Jars For Halloween?

Frighteningly Realistic Eyeballs

Using Grapes or Olives as Eyeballs

One of the creepiest and most realistic items you can put in a jar for Halloween is eyeballs. But fear not, there’s no need to pluck them out from someone’s head! Instead, use grapes or olives as a substitute. The size and shape of these fruits closely resemble eyeballs, making them an ideal choice. For a truly spine-chilling effect, choose grapes or olives that have a deep purple or green color. Place them in a jar filled with water or colored liquid to mimic the appearance of formaldehyde. The result will be a jar full of eerily realistic eyeballs that will make your guests shudder.

Painting Realistic Eyeballs on Ping Pong Balls

If you want even more control over the appearance of your eyeballs, consider painting them onto ping pong balls. Start by acquiring a set of ping pong balls, which are readily available at most sports or hobby stores. Using acrylic paints and a fine brush, carefully paint the iris, pupil, and blood vessels onto the ping pong balls. Look up reference images or tutorials to ensure a realistic appearance. Once the paint has dried, place the eyeballs into a jar filled with liquid, such as water or colored gel. The end result will be a collection of unsettling, lifelike eyeballs that will make anyone think twice before looking too closely.

Eyeball Jar as a Centerpiece

To make your eyeball-filled jar even more impactful, consider turning it into a centerpiece. This can be done by placing the jar on a decorative platter or tray, surrounded by candles or other Halloween-themed elements. You can also incorporate fake spider webs or creepy crawlies to add an extra layer of spookiness. Additionally, try positioning the jar at eye level by using a pedestal or stand. The combination of the realistic eyeballs and the attention-grabbing presentation will make your centerpiece a conversation starter and a memorable focal point of your Halloween decorations.

Haunted Forest Jars

Creating Miniature Haunted Trees

To bring the eerie atmosphere of a haunted forest into your Halloween decor, consider creating miniature haunted trees for your jars. Start by finding small, bare tree branches or twigs that have an interesting shape or gnarled appearance. If needed, spray paint the branches black or dark gray to create a more haunting effect. Once the paint has dried, arrange the branches inside the jar, ensuring they fit snugly and don’t touch the sides. Add some fake spider webs or small plastic spiders to complete the spooky woodland scene. The result will be a jar that evokes the feeling of walking through a haunted forest.

Including Model Spooky Creatures

To enhance the haunted forest vibe in your jars, consider including tiny model spooky creatures like witches, ghosts, or black cats. These can be miniature figurines that are readily available at craft or Halloween stores. Place them strategically throughout the branches of your miniature haunted tree, creating the illusion of a haunted forest inhabited by supernatural beings. The combination of the eerie branches and the mysterious creatures will transport your guests into a world of enchantment and spookiness.

Incorporating Spider Web

Spider webs are an essential element of any haunted forest, and incorporating them into your jars can take your Halloween decorations to the next level. Start by stretching out pieces of fake spider webbing or cotton batting to create wispy and intricate spider webs. Drape the spider webs across the branches of your miniature haunted tree and let them spread throughout the jar. Add small plastic spiders to complete the effect. The result will be a jar that captures the essence of a haunting forest, complete with eerie branches and delicate spider webs that give an authentic and spine-chilling touch to your Halloween display.

What Creepy Things To Put In Jars For Halloween?

Mystery Liquid Jars

Safe Coloring for Liquids

When creating mystery liquid jars, it’s important to choose safe coloring options to avoid any unwanted allergic reactions or staining. While food coloring is generally safe to use, consider natural options like beet juice, turmeric, or spirulina powder for a more organic look. These natural colorants can be mixed with water, or even clear gel, to achieve the desired hue. Experiment with different combinations and dilutions to find the perfect color for your mystery liquid jars. Remember to test the colorant on a small sample before adding it to the jar to ensure the desired effect and to avoid any unexpected reactions.

Floating Items

One way to create intrigue within your mystery liquid jars is by adding floating items. These can be small plastic objects like bones, bugs, or eyeballs, or even biodegradable materials like petals or leaves. The choice of objects will depend on the theme you want to convey. Carefully place the floating items into the jar, ensuring that they are evenly distributed and don’t clump together. Consider adding some glitter or shimmer for an extra touch of mystery. The result will be a jar full of suspended objects that will captivate the curiosity of your guests.

Layered Liquid Effects

To create a visually striking and mysterious jar, consider layering different colored liquids. Start by choosing two or three colors that complement each other and fit the overall theme of your Halloween decorations. Pour the first color into the jar, filling it about one-third of the way. Let it settle before slowly pouring the second color on top, filling the jar to about two-thirds. Repeat the process if using a third color. The result will be a jar with mesmerizing layers that give the appearance of depth and complexity. Play with different combinations and densities to create the perfect layered liquid effect that will leave your guests intrigued and mystified.

Spooky Candle Jars

Creating a Wax Drip Effect

To create a spooky and aged appearance for your candle jars, consider adding a wax drip effect. Start by choosing a jar that is heat-resistant and large enough to accommodate a candle. Place a plain, white candle inside the jar, ensuring that it stands upright and is secured in place. Light the candle and let it burn for a short period of time until the wax starts to melt. Carefully tilt the jar, allowing the liquid wax to drip down the sides. Rotate the jar slightly to create uneven patterns and thicknesses of the wax drips. The wax will harden as it cools, creating a haunting and authentic effect. Display your candle jars in dimly lit areas to further enhance the eerie ambiance.

Using Dark Candles Inside the Jar

To heighten the sense of doom and darkness within your candle jars, opt for dark-colored candles. Choose black or deep burgundy candles that complement the overall Halloween theme of your decor. Place these candles inside your jar, making sure they are centered and stable. Light the candles and let their dark flames flicker and dance, casting eerie shadows on the surrounding area. The combination of the dark candles and the soft glow they emit will create a chilling atmosphere befitting the spookiest night of the year.

Incorporating Essential Oils for a Creepy Scent

To complete the experience of your spooky candle jars, incorporate essential oils that evoke a creepy scent. Choose oils like patchouli, cinnamon, or frankincense for a mysteriously earthy aroma. Place a few drops of the desired oil onto the melted wax of the candle or on a cotton ball, carefully avoiding the flame. As the candle burns, the heat will release the scent, filling the air with an enchanting and eerie fragrance. The combination of the ambient lighting, the dripping wax, and the haunting scent will make your candle jars a sensory experience that lingers long after Halloween has passed.

In conclusion, when it comes to creating creepy and captivating jars for Halloween, the possibilities are endless. Whether you choose to fill them with real or fake bugs, preserve specimens, create chilling crystal displays, experiment with sinister slime, or embrace eerie fairy themes, each option offers its unique blend of spookiness and intrigue. From doll parts and eyeballs to haunted forests and mystery liquids, there’s something for every Halloween lover. So grab your jars, embrace your creativity, and transform your Halloween decor into a spine-chilling spectacle that will leave your guests in awe and just a little bit creeped out. Happy haunting!


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