What Are Some Halloween Costumes Based On Memes?

If you’re looking to bring some humor and pop culture references to your Halloween festivities, look no further! Halloween costumes based on memes are all the rage this year, offering a unique and comedic twist to traditional disguises. From the iconic dancing pumpkin guy to the hilarious distracted boyfriend meme, there’s a meme-inspired costume out there for everyone. So why settle for the mundane when you can become the living embodiment of internet hilarity this Halloween? Get ready to turn heads and bring a smile to everyone’s face with these unforgettable meme-based costumes.

What Are Some Halloween Costumes Based On Memes?

The Concept of Meme-based Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a time for creativity and self-expression, and what better way to embrace this spirit than by incorporating memes into your costume? Memes have become a language of their own, and they have infiltrated almost every aspect of our lives, including Halloween. From classic meme costumes to costumes based on viral characters, internet challenges and trends, social media memes, TV and film memes, political and news memes, to video game, cartoon, and comic memes – the options are seemingly endless. In this article, we will explore the various categories of meme-based Halloween costumes and how memes have influenced modern-day Halloween celebrations.

Definition of a meme

Before diving into the different types of meme-based costumes, it is essential to understand what exactly a meme is. A meme is a cultural phenomenon that spreads rapidly through the internet. It typically consists of an image, video, or phrase that is often humorous, relatable, or satirical. Memes thrive on the shared experiences and references that they create within online communities. By choosing a costume based on a meme, you are not only showcasing your knowledge of internet culture but also participating in the ongoing conversation and inside jokes that make up the world of memes.

Popularity of meme-based costumes

Meme-based costumes have gained immense popularity in recent years. They allow individuals to showcase their humor, creativity, and connection to internet culture. Dressing up as a meme not only provides a sense of nostalgia for those who are familiar with the meme but also offers an opportunity for non-meme enthusiasts to join in on the fun. Additionally, this type of costume allows for easy recognition and interaction at Halloween parties or events, as memes are often widely recognized and appreciated across various age groups and demographics.

How memes have influenced modern-day Halloween costumes

The influence of memes on Halloween costumes is undeniable. Memes have provided a wealth of inspiration, enabling individuals to incorporate humor and current events into their costumes. They have transformed Halloween from a traditional holiday into a platform for cultural commentary and comedic expression. By donning a meme-based costume, you are not only paying homage to internet culture but also showcasing your cleverness and ability to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Memes have become a reflection of contemporary society, and their presence in Halloween costumes reinforces their significance as an art form and means of communication.

What Are Some Halloween Costumes Based On Memes?

Classic Meme Costumes

Classic meme costumes refer to those that have stood the test of time and are still recognizable and loved by meme enthusiasts. These costumes often feature well-known and frequently shared memes that have become ingrained in popular culture. Some classic meme costumes include:

The ‘This is Fine’ Dog

The ‘This is Fine’ meme originated from a comic strip by artist KC Green and gained widespread popularity as an ironic representation of remaining calm in the face of chaos or adversity. This meme features a cartoon dog sitting in a room engulfed in flames, uttering the words ‘This is fine.’ To create a costume based on this meme, you can dress as the dog and create a miniature fiery backdrop to mimic the original image. This costume cleverly combines humor and recognition, making it a fantastic choice for Halloween.

Arthur Fist

The Arthur Fist meme is derived from an episode of the children’s animated television show “Arthur.” The meme features a still image of Arthur, the main character, clenching his fist angrily. This meme is commonly used to depict frustration or anger in a humorous way. To recreate this meme as a Halloween costume, you can wear a yellow sweater, blue jeans, and make an enlarged cut-out of Arthur’s face with an angrily clenched fist. This costume is both nostalgic and instantly recognizable to meme enthusiasts of all ages.

Expanding Brain

The Expanding Brain meme takes a simple concept – a diagram of an expanding brain – and uses it to parallel an individual’s increasing intelligence or understanding of a particular subject. This meme consists of a series of images, each showing an increasingly complex brain diagram. To create a costume inspired by this meme, you can wear a plain white t-shirt and attach a poster or cardboard cut-out that resembles the brain diagram. This costume is visually striking and thought-provoking, making it an excellent choice for those looking to make a statement at their Halloween party.

Dank Memes

The term “dank memes” refers to memes that are considered to be of exceptionally high quality or absurdity. These memes often feature bizarre or nonsensical humor that is difficult to explain but immensely entertaining. To create a costume based on dank memes, you can incorporate multiple memes into a single costume or dress as a character that has become synonymous with the dank meme culture. This costume allows for a high level of creativity and personalization, making it a favorite among meme enthusiasts.

Costumes Based on Viral Characters

Viral characters are individuals or figures that have gained tremendous popularity and become associated with specific memes or internet trends. Dressing up as a viral character allows you to channel their persona and embrace the humorous or relatable qualities associated with them. Some costume ideas based on viral characters include:

Pepe the Frog

Pepe the Frog is a cartoon character that became an internet meme sensation. Despite its innocent origins as a character in a comic book, Pepe quickly became associated with various expressions and emotions, often accompanied by amusing captions. To dress up as Pepe the Frog, you can wear a green bodysuit or costume, attach a frog mask or makeup, and incorporate any recognizable accessories or clothing associated with the specific Pepe meme you want to portray. This costume is a fantastic choice for meme enthusiasts looking to pay homage to an iconic internet character.

The Distracted Boyfriend

The Distracted Boyfriend meme features a stock photo of a man turning his head to ogle another woman, while his girlfriend looks disapprovingly at him. This meme is often used to depict infidelity or distraction in a humorous context. To recreate this meme as a costume, you can use printed images of the key elements – the boyfriend, the girlfriend, and the captivating woman – and wear them as masks or carry them as props. Alternatively, you can dress up as one of the characters involved and use humorous gestures or facial expressions to convey the meme’s essence. This costume is witty and lighthearted, making it a great choice for couples or individuals looking to incorporate current internet trends into their Halloween attire.

Harold Hiding the Pain

Harold Hiding the Pain is a stock photo meme that features a middle-aged man with a strained smile on his face, masking his true emotions. This meme is often used to depict inner turmoil or hiding one’s true feelings. To portray this meme in a Halloween costume, you can wear a suit and adopt the characteristic strained smile, accompanied by exaggerated body language that conveys both pain and forced happiness. This costume allows for subtle humor and provides an opportunity for individuals to explore the complex emotions associated with the meme.

Wojak or Feels Guy

Wojak, also known as Feels Guy, is a crudely drawn character representing a range of emotions, including sadness, anger, and empathy. This meme has been widely used to express relatable feelings and experiences across a variety of situations. To dress up as Wojak or Feels Guy, you can wear a plain white t-shirt and attach a printed image of the character’s face. Alternatively, you can paint the character’s face on a mask or use face paint to recreate the distinct features. This costume allows for easy recognition and offers a versatile canvas for incorporating personal touches or humorous anecdotes.

What Are Some Halloween Costumes Based On Memes?

Costumes from Internet Challenges and Trends

Internet challenges and trends have become a significant part of meme culture, often spreading rapidly through social media platforms and capturing the attention of millions. Incorporating costumes inspired by these challenges and trends not only showcases your knowledge of internet culture but also provides a unique and engaging Halloween experience. Some costume ideas based on internet challenges and trends include:

Ice Bucket Challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge was a viral social media campaign that aimed to raise awareness and funds for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Participants would pour a bucket of ice-cold water over their heads and nominate others to do the same or donate to the cause. To create an Ice Bucket Challenge costume, you can wear a blue or white t-shirt with the words “Ice Bucket Challenge” written on it and carry a bucket of faux ice or blue-colored water. This costume is a great way to pay tribute to a significant internet phenomenon while spreading awareness for a worthy cause.

Tide Pod Challenge

The Tide Pod Challenge was a highly controversial internet trend that involved individuals, mostly teenagers, biting into Tide laundry detergent pods. This dangerous and ill-advised challenge quickly gained widespread attention and prompted warnings from authorities. Although it is important to discourage the actual consumption of detergent pods, you can dress up as a Tide Pod for Halloween in a fun and harmless way. You can create a costume using blue and orange fabric or garments, shaped to resemble a Tide Pod. This costume serves as a tongue-in-cheek reference to a viral trend while promoting safety and responsible internet behavior.


Planking is an internet craze that involves lying rigidly face-down in a public or unusual location with your arms by your sides, like a plank of wood. This trend gained significant popularity as individuals posted pictures or videos of themselves planking in various locations. To create a planking costume, you can wear a plank-shaped cut-out made from wood or cardboard and attach it to your back. You can then lie face-down in unexpected places throughout the night, imitating the distinct pose associated with the planking meme. This costume offers a blend of humor and physicality, making it a memorable addition to any Halloween celebration.

Social Media Meme Costumes

Social media platforms have become breeding grounds for memes, allowing individuals to share, create, and engage with comedic content. Costumes inspired by social media memes not only highlight your familiarity with these platforms but also provide an opportunity to participate in the ongoing conversation surrounding them. Some costume ideas based on social media memes include:


Bitstrips was a popular comic strip creation platform that allowed users to create avatars and place them in various humorous situations. The platform gained significant popularity on Facebook, with users creating and sharing personalized comics featuring themselves and their friends. To create a Bitstrips costume, you can print out comic strip panels featuring your avatar or choose a particular Bitstrips comic that resonates with you. You can wear a t-shirt or carry a sign with a Bitstrips-style speech bubble to complete the costume. This costume allows for personalization and showcases your engagement with popular social media trends.

Snapchat Hotdog

The Snapchat Hotdog became an iconic meme after the platform introduced an augmented reality filter that allowed users to place a dancing hotdog in their surroundings. This 3D hotdog quickly became a source of amusement and began appearing in various internet videos, photos, and screenshots. To dress up as the Snapchat Hotdog, you can wear a hotdog-shaped costume or create one using fabric, foam, or cardboard. Additionally, you can paint your face yellow and wear a pair of sunglasses, replicating the distinct features of the Snapchat filter. This costume is visually striking and elicits a sense of nostalgia for Snapchat users and meme enthusiasts alike.

Instagram’s Egg

In 2019, a seemingly ordinary picture of an egg became the most-liked post on Instagram, surpassing a record set by reality star Kylie Jenner. This unexpected feat propelled the egg into internet stardom, making it a symbol of unity and the power of viral content. To dress up as Instagram’s egg, you can create a large egg-shaped costume using fabric, foam, or cardboard. You can then paint the costume to resemble the egg in the original picture, complete with the word ‘like’ and a cracked exterior. This costume is sure to spark conversation and serves as a playful reminder of the unpredictable nature of internet culture.

Facebook’s ‘Haha’ Reaction

Facebook’s reaction system, which allows users to respond to posts with various emoticons, has become an integral part of the platform. The ‘Haha’ reaction, featuring a laughing face, has been widely used to convey amusement or humor. To create a costume based on Facebook’s ‘Haha’ reaction, you can dress in yellow clothing and attach a large cut-out or printout of the ‘Haha’ emoticon to your chest or back. This costume is straightforward yet effective, allowing you to showcase your love for memes and your engagement with social media platforms.

TV and Film Meme Costumes

Memes derived from iconic moments in television shows and movies have become a significant part of internet culture. Incorporating these memes into your Halloween costume not only highlights your knowledge of popular media but also serves as a nostalgic reference for fellow fans. Some costume ideas based on TV and film memes include:

‘Winter is Coming’ from Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones, a popular fantasy television series, has produced numerous memorable memes, including the famous phrase “Winter is Coming.” This phrase serves as a warning of impending doom, symbolizing the harsh winters in the show’s fictional world. To create a costume based on this meme, you can dress as a character from Game of Thrones or wear a t-shirt or sign featuring the phrase “Winter is Coming.” You can also incorporate visual elements associated with the show, such as a fur coat or a toy dragon, to enhance the overall effect. This costume is a great choice for fans of the show who want to pay homage to its cultural impact.

‘I’m the captain now’ from Captain Phillips

The movie Captain Phillips, based on a true story, features a memorable scene where a Somali pirate declares, “I’m the captain now,” during a hijacking. This quote quickly gained popularity and became synonymous with asserting authority or dominance. To portray this meme in a Halloween costume, you can dress as a pirate and use the phrase “I’m the captain now” as a catchphrase throughout the night. This costume offers an opportunity for humor and allows you to recreate a pivotal moment from a well-known film.

‘Why so serious?’ from The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight, a critically acclaimed superhero movie, features the iconic phrase “Why so serious?” spoken by the Joker, one of the film’s main antagonists. This line has been widely used to convey a macabre sense of humor or to challenge societal norms. To dress up as the Joker and incorporate this meme into your costume, you can wear a sensational purple suit, apply the character’s distinctive makeup, and carry a playing card or a prop knife. This costume allows for theatricality and humor, making it a favorite among fans of the film and meme enthusiasts alike.

Costumes Based on Political and News Memes

Political and news memes provide a unique opportunity to combine humor and social commentary. By choosing a costume based on a political or news-related meme, you can engage in discussion and express your opinions in a light-hearted and creative manner. Some costume ideas based on political and news memes include:

Newspaper Interview Kid

The Newspaper Interview Kid meme features a young boy wearing a suit and being interviewed by a news reporter. In the clip, the boy hilariously responds to questions with unexpected and often nonsensical answers. To recreate this meme in a Halloween costume, you can wear a suit, carry a toy microphone or camera, and adopt the character’s confident yet bewildering mannerisms. This costume offers a playful take on news interviews and allows for humorous interactions with fellow party-goers.

The Donald Trump ‘Covfefe’

“Covfefe” is a misspelled word that appeared in a tweet by former US President Donald Trump. The tweet, in which he referred to “negative press coverage,” was left unfinished with the word “covfefe.” This bizarre term quickly became the subject of internet jokes and speculation. To incorporate this meme into a costume, you can dress up as Donald Trump, wear a suit and a distinctive wig, and carry a sign or speech bubble that says “covfefe.” This costume blends politics and humor, providing an opportunity to engage in lighthearted political commentary at Halloween gatherings.

The Bernie Sanders’ Inauguration Meme

During the 2021 US Presidential Inauguration, Senator Bernie Sanders gained unintended internet fame when a photograph of him sitting cross-legged in a practical winter coat and oversized mittens went viral. The image quickly became the source of countless memes, with Sanders inserted into various humorous situations and iconic images. To dress up as Bernie Sanders in his inauguration meme form, you can wear warm winter clothing, oversized mittens, and a face mask. This costume allows you to embody the spirit of an unexpected internet phenomenon while showcasing your political interests.

Video Game Meme Costumes

Video games have provided a rich source of memes and internet culture. By choosing a video game meme for your Halloween costume, you can combine your love for gaming with your appreciation for comedic content. Some costume ideas based on video game memes include:

The ‘Leroy Jenkins’ from World of Warcraft

The “Leroy Jenkins” meme originated from a World of Warcraft gameplay video, where a player charges into battle without waiting for his teammates, resulting in chaos and defeat. This meme has since been used to depict impulsive or reckless behavior in various contexts. To create a costume inspired by the “Leroy Jenkins” meme, you can wear a medieval-inspired suit of armor, carry a toy sword, and adopt an exaggerated and confident gait. This costume allows you to channel the comedic essence of the meme while showcasing your affinity for gaming.

‘Do you know De Wae’ from VRChat

“Do you know De Wae” is a catchphrase from the virtual reality game VRChat. The phrase is often spoken in a distorted accent and has been associated with various humorous situations and characters. To recreate this meme as a costume, you can dress up as a virtual reality character or wear a t-shirt with the phrase “Do you know De Wae” printed on it. You can also imitate the character’s accent and use the catchphrase throughout the night. This costume allows for interactive and comedic moments, making it a favorite among gamers and meme enthusiasts.

‘Loss’ Comic Strip from Ctrl+Alt+Del

The “Loss” comic strip meme refers to a four-panel webcomic that gained widespread attention for its unconventional and abstract narrative structure. The meme involves deconstructing and rearranging the panels to create humorous or nonsensical combinations. To create a costume based on the “Loss” meme, you can print out and wear the individual panels as cardboard cut-outs or incorporate visual elements from the meme into your attire. This costume offers a unique and artistic approach to meme-based Halloween attire.

Cartoon and Comic Meme Costumes

Cartoon and comic memes have become an integral part of internet culture, featuring humorous and relatable characters or situations. By incorporating these memes into your costume, you can channel the comedic essence of these creations while paying tribute to their enduring popularity. Some costume ideas based on cartoon and comic memes include:

‘Is This a Pigeon?’

The “Is This a Pigeon?” meme originates from a still image taken from the anime series “The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird.” The image features a robot character point to a butterfly while asking, “Is This a Pigeon?” This meme is often used to depict confusion or a lack of understanding. To create a costume inspired by this meme, you can dress as the robot character, wear a costume featuring a butterfly motif, or carry a sign with the question “Is This a Pigeon?” This costume combines humor and recognition, making it a fantastic conversation starter.


Harambe was a gorilla who gained international attention after being shot and killed at the Cincinnati Zoo in 2016. The incident sparked widespread debate and led to the creation of numerous memes, referencing Harambe in various humorous and often absurd contexts. To pay tribute to Harambe, you can dress up as a gorilla or incorporate visual elements associated with the meme, such as a sign or t-shirt bearing Harambe’s name. This costume offers an opportunity for reflection and discussion surrounding the intersection of internet culture and real-world events.

‘Who Killed Hannibal?’

The “Who Killed Hannibal?” meme originates from a sketch by American comedian Hannibal Buress. The meme features Buress asking a joke and laughing while the audience doesn’t respond. This meme is often associated with sharing humorous or awkward moments where a joke falls flat. To create a costume inspired by this meme, you can dress as Hannibal Buress or wear a t-shirt featuring a printed image of the comedian. This costume highlights your love for comedy and allows for the replication of comedic mannerisms associated with the meme.

Creating Your Own Meme Costumes

While many meme-based costumes are readily available for purchase, creating your own meme costume allows for customization and personalization. By following a few simple steps, you can design a unique and unforgettable meme-based Halloween costume.

Pros and Cons of DIY Meme Costumes

Creating your own meme costume has several advantages. Firstly, it allows for personalization, ensuring that your costume accurately depicts the intended meme and aligns with your unique sense of humor and style. Secondly, DIY meme costumes often require modest materials and can be created on a tight budget, making them an accessible option for those who want to participate in meme culture without breaking the bank. However, creating your own costume may require time, effort, and creativity, particularly if the meme has distinctive or intricate visual elements.

Choosing the right Meme

When selecting a meme for your DIY costume, it is important to consider its relevance and recognition. Choose a meme that is familiar to a wide audience or has recently gained significant popularity. This ensures that your costume will be appreciated and understood by fellow party-goers. Additionally, select a meme that aligns with your own interests, sense of humor, or beliefs. By choosing a meme that resonates with you, you are more likely to immerse yourself in the character and enjoy the experience.

Using Household Items

Household items can be used creatively to emulate specific elements of a meme. For example, if your chosen meme features a distinct prop or object, such as a sign or a specific piece of clothing, you can adapt similar items from your own home instead of purchasing them. This not only reduces costs but also adds a personal touch to your costume. Additionally, consider using fabric, cardboard, or foam from your household supplies to create simple props or accessories associated with the meme. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can transform ordinary objects into memorable costume pieces.

In conclusion, meme-based Halloween costumes have become a popular and entertaining way to showcase humor, creativity, and connection to internet culture. From classic meme costumes to costumes based on viral characters, internet challenges and trends, social media memes, TV and film memes, political and news memes, to video game, cartoon, and comic memes, the possibilities are endless. By incorporating memes into your costume, you not only participate in the ongoing conversation surrounding internet culture but also provide a unique and engaging experience for fellow Halloween enthusiasts. So, embrace the power of memes, let your creativity run wild, and have a “memorable” Halloween!


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