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Things to Do to Make Halloween 2020 Epic in the Pandemic


Things to Do to Make Halloween 2020 Epic in the Pandemic
We all know that Halloween 2020 will be Epic this year. It’s been on the news about how Halloween night will have a full moon and an extra hour added to it for Daylight Savings. We set our clocks back 1 hour at 2 am, (just before the witching hour, I interject). We will have an extra hour of Halloween – yes… it’s literally extended this year.

Is it just me or does it feel like we are living in an actual horror movie? I would title this movie, Covid 2020. Have you noticed that the name of the Covid disease is eerily a few letters off from the word “Coven”?

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Last year, Halloween landed on Thursday, a work night for a lot of us. I remember thinking that at least next year Halloween will land on Saturday. And it does! This year, it falls on the best day of the week, Saturday. The next time Halloween will land on a Saturday will be in the year 2026. So enjoy it now! Don’t get spooked though, Halloween 2021 will land on Sunday.

It has also been on the news that this Halloween will have a Blue Moon event. A Blue Moon occurs when there’s a second full moon in a month. With this in mind, we can accurately use the saying “once in a blue moon”, because blue moons happen every 2 to 3 years.

Interestingly, the song, “Blue Moon” by The Marcels, was featured in the Horror-Comedy movie “An American Werewolf in London”. A Werewolf costume would be a great idea for this year.

Since Halloween 2020 is one that will definitely land in the history books, and we are living history every moment in this pandemic – let’s make it one to remember. Let’s make Halloween 2020 even more Epic than it already is.

Here are some ideas you can do:

1. Calling all Socialites: Host a Halloween Party on Instagram Live, Facebook Live, Tik-Tok, Zoom or Youtube Live. Read a scary story to your audience, perform a play, follow a recipe, do a DIY craft, learn a Halloween Dance and perform it.

I would say that these fun memories of goofing around with friends and family will make this Halloween an epic one, and one that will be recorded on video.

2. Make a Halloween movie with friends and family and then air it for yourselves on Halloween Night.

3. Do a Halloween Night Scavenger Hunt with the kids. Give them flashlights to search for them, or use glow in the dark eggs. If the neighbors aren’t giving out treats because of the pandemic, you can hide treats in the yard or in the house.

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4. Visit a Halloween Night Drive-In
You can visit WalmartDriveIn.com to see if there is a Drive in Theater at your nearest super center. Movies under the blue moon and stars – now that’s epic!

5. Throw a Reverse Trick or Treating event

6. Make it a cozy night in with Halloween PJs, Halloween Blankets, a bucket of popcorn and watch movies at home.

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7. Make a Halloween 2020 Photo Book – Halloween is a special holiday, but the pandemic makes it more special. Make a Halloween 2020 scrapbook or photo book to record how you celebrated it during this time in history.

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8. Throw a Mini Halloween Street Parade – Grab your skateboards, grab your wagons, grab your bicycles, grab your roller skates or just walk. Whether you drive a motorcycle, golf cart, car or tractor, decorate them to show off their Halloween Look!

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