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Sugar is Everywhere on Halloween – Your Diet Doesn’t Have to be Compromised

Sugar is Everywhere on Halloween – Your Diet Doesn’t Have to be Compromised
If you are trying to avoid sugary sweets, either to lose weight or simply to have a healthier Halloween, this can be a frightful challenge. No other night of the year can compare to the amount of sugary temptations that are available, in fact, most Halloween activities center around candy. Before you run away in terror this Halloween, here are some suggestions for limiting the sugar overload.

Choose healthier choices

Instead of putting all of the focus on the candy that is received at Halloween, why not put some of the focus on healthier alternatives? For example; have a costume party, create Halloween crafts, have a spooky scavenger hunt, or attend one of the Halloween alternative parties or festivals that are often offered by churches. This gives kids fun things to do on Halloween night instead of going trick-or-treating.

If you want to keep trick-or-treating in your routine, but are worried about the sugar, why not pass out goodies that are not candy? Often, children will be just as happy with a toy or other item given in lieu of candy ñ stickers, pencils, or even single serving snacks can be healthier alternatives to candy.

Limit the intake

Chances are, even if you aim for a healthier Halloween in your own home, somewhere along the line your child is going to come home with candy anyways. There are several strategies that you can use to dispose of it. Some parents will set a limit as to how many pieces a day can be eaten. Others will offer a trade of the candy for a toy or other item that the child has been desiring. You can also buy the candy back for a few dollars. These alternatives will help you get the candy out of sight and out of mind of your children.

Get rid of it

If you are also tempted by Halloween candy, having it hidden at the back of the cupboard may work for your kids, but often not for you. If you cannot handle the temptation of having it sitting out, find a way to get rid of it. Freeze plain chocolate to be used in recipes. You can also save some of the mini candy bars to hide in lunch boxes for a fun surprise now and again. Chop up candy bars and create cookies to send to neighbors, senior citizens, or your child’s teacher. Or use the candy to bribe some neighborhood teen into raking your leaves or watching the kids while you run to the store.

Make it a learning opportunity

Halloween can be a good time to talk about good nutrition and moderation of sweets. Explain to kids why you want to limit their sweet intake, but don’t take it away entirely or dwell on the topic. Doing this will only tempt them to sneak the goodies when they think you are not watching. Keep it fun and show them how they can share the goods.

Halloween doesn’t have to be all about candy if you take the time to get a little creative and make smart decisions.
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