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Spooky Fun House Foam Craft Kit by Creatology


I did a fun Saturday DIY Project today! I bought Foam Craft Kits by Creatology during my Michaels Halloween Haul 2020. Let me tell you, these foam craft kits are on another level! I actually first saw this at my sister’s house and I thought it was a fun and interactive craft and decoration for Kids. This Spooky Fun House foam craft kit can be a centerpiece at a child’s Halloween party or used as a Halloween decor item.

The Unboxing

This is what it looks like inside when you open the box. I have never put one of these together and I didn’t know what to expect. It’s a little unnerving when the first thing you see is a big warning label stating that the cell battery used by the LED light is a big choking hazard and can cause burns. Yikes. I appreciate the early warning though because this is craft to make with kids.

Unboxing the Halloween Craft

I grabbed ziplock bags, a fine tipped glue pen and an exacto knife for the kit in case I needed them. This was overwhelming at first because there were so many little pieces to separate and sort through. I’m not used to building kits and the contents of this were an absolute puzzle.

Sorting the Pieces

I popped out all of the foam pieces and sorted between them by their designated letter. It took about an hour to pop off all the tiny pieces. I took a picture of some of the pieces in a pile — a little foam house rubble.

I put the sorted pieces by designation in ziplock bags.

Skeleton Crew Family Is All Smiles!

The first step in this project was build the characters residing in the house. The Skeleton family, 2 Spiders, a ghost and a bat. One big happy family.

Picking up the Pieces

Step 2 was tricky. I located the pieces and matched them to the diagram. I followed the arrows to attach the pieces together. You have to work the tabs into the grooves to each piece.

Although I grabbed my glue pen, I never had to use the glue to put the foam pieces together.

I think this step was the most difficult of the entire project. It took me a while to understand that this piece would eventually be the Chimney.

The Wall that Held It Together

The chimney was the only separate piece to build for this house. The rest of the house is built upon the Black back wall. It took a while to understand the flow of the instructions, but I got used to it.

The glitter window stickers were pretty – I attached them and attached the blue foam piece at the top. I kept following the diagram one piece at a time.

The slanted pieces you see are ramps

I attached the chimney to the back, as instructed. I continued to add piece by piece. Some of the foam pieces were stickers – there’s an area under the lowest blue ramp where I attached a blue foam sticker to the black wall.

*Once the ramps were installed, I did a video demonstration of what it looked like when the ball rolled down each side. Watch the video below for this demonstration*

I attached the black front piece and at this point it was starting to look like a house!

Monster in a Sticky Situation

I attached the monster’s head and another blue foam sticker to the left side of the monster. Then I attached an orange foam sticker to the top left side. There were also a few more glittered window stickers to stick onto the house.

I attached the porch and added more glittered sticker embellishments, including the “Spooky Fun House” Title.

I Created a Monster!

The kit came with eyeball stickers but I wanted to use Glow in the Dark eyeballs I purchased separately. They kept falling off because they weren’t stickers. I used a fine tip glue pen to attach them and the glue wasn’t strong enough for their weight. You will see at the end of the video below an eyeball falls out in good timing, giving the video a grand finale. It was funny as I recorded it happening. I attached more glitter sticker embellishments as instructed.

Moving Day

The final step was to attach the green base at the bottom. This is a funny house, the foundation is last in this build! I attached the bat sticker, the spider stickers and set the skeleton family on the green base.

I added stickers that I had left from my Dollar Tree Party Favor Bags project. I put two jack o lantern on each side of the monster, a bat on the top, a cat on the fence and a few other stickers here and there to cover some of the blank areas.

Spooky Fun House by Creatology

Here is a side profile of the house where I attached more Dollar Tree stickers”

I installed the LED light through the back as instructed:

This is what the Spooky Fun House looked like in the dark:

The LED light only lit up the mouth area. The light did not shine through the windows. If you wanted to display the house properly in the dark, I suggest adding more LED lights to the window areas for a greater effect.

Watch the Video Demonstration!

Watch Kids Reaction to This Spooky Foam Fun House!

Here is the Fun House Listing at Michaels!

Halloween Foam Fun House Kit by Creatology®

This adorable foam fun house kit is an ideal craft project for little ones. It includes all the pieces you need to assemble it in no time!

Requires 60 minutes
Makes 1 fun house
For ages 6 and up
87 foam stickers
42 foam shapes
11 color-printed paper stickers
4 double-sided dots
2 foam balls
1 pompom
1 LED light

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