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Spider Stained Glass Suncatchers Page Two

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Spider Stained Glass Suncatchers Page Two

Stained Glass Spider Web Suncatcher. Gothic Stained Glass Web with Wire Spider

Here’s for you stunning stained glass panel of a web with a wire spider. The decoration is made in clear and black textured glass with a shiny black finish. It will fit great both as window hanging and wall decor for living room, kitchen or bedroom, or even summer outdoors. Great addition to your spooky Halloween or gothic home decor. Add your this special touch to your home space to make it unique.

The suncatcher makes excellent gift for those hard to buy for. Perfect gift for a friend who loves web and spider accents in interiors.

Its diameter is about 25 cm (approx. 10″).

Spider web with spider and jewels, handcrafted stained glass suncatcher

Spider web with spider and glass cabachons handcrafted stained glass suncatcher with dichroic center. Web is made from clear krackle glass. Suncatcher hangs from a chain and measures 8 1/2” wide x 8” tall

Colorful Beaded Spider and Stained Glass Spider Web suncatcher

Height: 13 Inches; Width: 12 Inches
This is a stained glass spiderweb in various colors. The small spiders are made with wire and beads. They are attached at the feet to the solder lines.

This piece is made in the copper foil method and wrapped with lead came.

Spider Web Stained Glass Suncatcher

Height: 8.5 Inches; Width: 8.5 Inches
Get a head start on Halloween! This 8.5″ stained glass spider web suncatcher is made of 3 different types of clear textured glass and features a 1″ jeweled metal spider. It’s my original design and I made it using the Tiffany copper foil technique of soldering. Black patina has been applied to the solder as well as an additional black top coat and polish to make the solder extra black and shiny. Comes complete with 16″ chain.

Spider, stained glass spider, Halloween, stained glass Halloween

A black widow spider hangs from her pretty thread anywhere on a web made of twisted tinned copper wire. She can also hang alone. The web measures 7″ across and the spider measures (from the tips of her legs) 3.25″ x 4.5″ (6.5″ including hook). 2 suction cups included.

Red lace moonstone spider web!

Dreamy isnt it!? This beautiful red lace, red iridescent and black glass piece is made of magick! 1 moonstone cab in the center and 2 spider charms give it that little extra something, that it didnt even need! Truly an “extra” gothic spider web!

Stained glass spider web suncatcher, stain glass spider ornament

This beautiful stained glass spider web suncatcher is made of 50 pieces hand cut and ground glass. The pieces are individually wrapped in copper foil, and soldered. I then used black patina on the solder lines and waxed the glass to shine. It comes ready to hang with a sturdy hook and clear line. The glass web measures approximately 7 3/4 inches in diameter. The web with the wire accents measures approximately 9 inches in diameter. The spider is hand crafted with glass beads and wire by my amazing friend Jill. The spider is tack soldered on top of the web giving this suncatcher a 3D effect. The spider is 3 inches in diameter at longest points. The different types of glass used makes this suncatcher look especially amazing in the sun! A select few pieces are iridescent.

Spider on Web Suncatcher

The red spider on web mosaic suncatcher is made with hand cut stained glass which is adhered with exterior silicone onto a thick glass substrate. Once dried, I then grout using exterior grade grout and then apply a sealant. All the materials I use are frost proof and weather resistant, so your piece is ready to display outside in your garden, on your deck or in a sunny window indoors.

The suncatcher measures 7″ x 10.5″.

Stained Glass Spider Web With Glass Nugget and Wire Spider

Stained Glass spider web crafted from white/clear streaky stained glass. Spider is overlaid and made from black iridescent nuggets and wire legs. Soldered jump rings and fishing line for hanging. Very cool Halloween piece or a great gift for a spider lover!

Spider web design stained glass wall or window hanging

This piece was created using a piece of stained glass from a church that burnt down. It had stood for more than 100 years.

It is clear/very pale yellow, and has a spider web design soldered to it’s surface (front and back). It is 6 inches wide, and nearly 3 inches high, and hangs on 12 inches of black chain.

Spider and red moon in colorful glasses, miniature Halloween sun catcher assembled according to Tiffany stained glass technique

This spider suspended from a red crescent moon will capture the rays of the sun and moon for the Halloween party.
Handmade, this figure is made by me. This delicate little glass sculpture with changing reflections, will bring a touch of originality to your interior decoration. This statuette will capture light and attention. This creation consisting of lenses tinted in the mass is assembled according to the technique of Tiffany stained glass.

Color Catcher Spider Web Stained Glass

This is a one-of-a-kind, handmade made stained glass artwork. While others may be produced that are similar, there is only this one that will ever be exactly like it. This is not a commercial pattern like so many stained glass pieces, it was hand designed by the artist. Made partially of salvaged stained glass purchased at auction, some pieces hundreds of years old. What makes this spiderweb stand out is the amazing variety of glass used. So many different textures and styles, from so many locations around the country. On the inside of the web, hangs a beautiful little spider. Size is 14 X 10 inches, make it yours today!

Stained Glass Art, Spider Web, Suncatcher, Panel, 12 inch Diameter

There are two 12″ webs.

Different textures of clear glass are randomly distributed in each one. Also note that one of the spirals in each web has the same textured glass throughout the spiral while the second spiral has the variety of different textures.

We can also construct a web with your choice of a combination of colors.

All of our Windows, Panels and Hangings are made with the Finest Glass and constructed using Lead came. Most are also Glazed and in some the Lead Came is darkened with a Patina.

Stained Glass The Man in the Moon with Spider Web Halloween Suncatcher

Height: 8.25 Inches; Width: 6.5 Inches

Man in the moon spider web handcrafted stained glass suncatcher

Man in the moon spider web handcrafted stained glass suncatcher moon is made with white mottled glass and a blue hat and eye. Spider web has patterned glass nuggets with a fused dichroic spider body. It hangs from a chain and measures 9 1/2” tall x 8” wide.

Stained Glass Spider Web With Glass Nugget and Wire Spider

Stained Glass spider web crafted from white/clear streaky stained glass. Spider is overlaid and made from black iridescent nuggets and wire legs. Soldered jump rings and fishing line for hanging. Very cool Halloween piece or a great gift for a spider lover!

Tiffany Styled Stained Glass Transom WIndow Suncatcher Panel Valance 28″x 18″

measures approximately 28x 18″ inches.

This piece is a mix of smooth black and textured clear glass . Patina is black.

This panel was constructed using the copper-foil method. Each piece was hand-cut, ground to fit, wrapped in copper-foil and then soldered. Copper patina was applied to dark the solder lines. Finally the piece was cleaned and polished .

Framed in zinc. Brass hangers on 2 sides . so it’s ready to hang on the window.

This panel is not original Tiffany and is no way enforced by Tiffany and Co from New York. The term ” tiffany style” is used for description purpose only.

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