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Skull Pez Dispensers

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Skull Pez Dispensers

Dr Skull with Black Eyes and Cape Pez Dispenser

This plastic Dr Skull version B Pez dispenser features an off-white headed skeleton with black eyes & cape and missing tooth. He is on a purple Made in Slovenia 5 stem, with the 4.9 patent.

Dispenser stands about 4.5″ high and has minimal paint wear. There are some light surface scratches, and edge wear.

Skull Glow in the Dark Pez – Mint on Card

Skull Glow in the Dark Pez – Mint on Card

My Mom didn’t open this one, just put the Pez’s in a drawer.

They have remained there for years.
No one has ever played with them.
No chips, cracks or marks.

Black Skull Pez Dispenser / Glow In The Dark

Black Skull Pez Candy Dispenser in package!

This is a fun Pez dispenser. It would make a nice addition to a current Pez collection.

elongated SKULL pez DISPENSER of DOOM

Same size as a traditional PEZ dispenser but with a slightly larger elongated skull. Sorry but does not dispense candy, just a solid plastic sculpture sculpted/molded and cast by yours truly in solid black plastic.

SKULL PEZ Collectible 1971 RARE Solvania With Feet Model Dispenser

1971 Collectible Pez Skull Dispenser Excellent Condition The collectible one Side reads: PEZ (in big letters in a line) U.S. Patent 4.966.305 Made In Slovenia

Vintage 1970s Purple Dr Skull With Feet Yugoslavia Pez Dispenser

1970s Purple Dr Skull With Feet Yugoslavia Pez Dispenser

Skull a.k.a. Dr. Skull is part of the Halloween Series. This Deadhead has a black collar and a purple body with feet. This is a great stocking stuffer for any Pez Collector.

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