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Skeleton Hand Stained Glass Sun Catchers


Skeleton Hand Stained Glass Sun Catchers

stained glass halloween skeleton hand suncatcher, wall hanging

This stained glass Halloween skeleton hand suncatcher, wall hanging is finished in a Tiffany style copper foil technique, the pointing finger is reinforced with a brass reinforcement strip. This Halloween décor piece is approx. 10 1/2″ W X 4 1/2″ H

Stained glass skeleton hand
Just in time for Halloween this skeleton hand is made with the copper foil technique. Measures about 12inches long and 5 inches tall.

Stained Glass Peace Skeleton Hand

Height: 10.5 Inches; Width: 9.5 Inches
Peace on your Halloween or anytime! This is made of iridescent white glass making it especially haunting and also wishing you peace.

The dimensions are: 10 1/2″h × 9 1/2″w when hanging.

Stained Glass Skeletal hand

Spooky, yet stunning, this stained glass skeletal hand is anatomical correct and will add the perfect touch to any home.

These skeletal stained glass hand are about 8 inches tall.

Stained Glass Skeletal Heart

Opalescent stained glass skeletal hands in the shape of a heart.

This piece is hand cut, ground, foiled, and soldered. As each piece is made to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for the piece to be made and shipped. Iwant to be sure each piece is made perfectly for you. Chain length can be lengthened or shortened, please message me if you would like to do so. Some stained glass colors do not photograph well.

Furiosa’s Arm

Adorn your War Rig with Imperator Furiosa’s arm, made with opaque, white water glass. All shiny and chrome!

No Man’s Hand

The second piece in our Science Series, because bones are awesome! Also totally fitting for Halloween.

This is a left hand in its natural position, at rest. Composed of translucent glass, with a single, red ‘proximal phalange’, (because I love The X-Files).

Measures 11″ width x 6.5″ height, + 4″ for chain (10.5″ total height)
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