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DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and Sally Candle Holders


DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and Sally Candle Holders
February is coming close and what better way to celebrate a love so spooky that it rattled two holidays? I’m referring to the Pumpkin King Jack Skellington and his soulmate Sally.

I was inspired to paint wood candleholders in the patterns and color of Jack and Sally’s clothing. I have seen this done on pumpkins on other craft blogs.

I used smooth wood candlestick holders from Michaels. I used both Tempura and acrylic paint.

Painting Jack Skellington
The paint I used for Jack’s candle was black Tempura paint by Prang. I found a large bottle of it at Dollar Tree. The brushes I used were also from Dollar Tree.

I painted the first coat onto the candlestick. Tempura is water based and requires a few coats for full coverage. I let the paint dry before adding the next coat. It took 3 coats of paint to get a fully covered Matte Black Candlestick.

I left a space unpainted at the front to make room for White paint for Jack’s white under shirt.

I used Craftsmart White acryclic paint for the undershirt and a Craftsmart paint pen to paint to draw the pinstripe lines onto Jacks suit.

I didn’t use a ruler to measure the line spacing, I basically eyeballed it and tried to keep a steady hand. They came out pretty good – a bit wobbly but I think there was a handmade charm to the outcome of the piece.

I wanted Jack’s bat bow to be 3D instead of painting it on. For this, I cut out a pattern on the thin cardboard packaging the paint pens came in and cut black felt in this pattern.

I used glue to attach the black felt to the thin cardboard pieces.

Painting Sally
Sally’s patchwork dress is made up of 4 colors. These acrylic Paints were from Craftsmart and the colors I used were Dark Yellow, Royal Fuschia and Aqua. The fourth color was Black Tempura Paint by Prang.

I drew random patterns on the candlestick with a pencil. I didn’t have a plan for it, they were basically square and rectangle odd shapes. I noticed there were no circular patterns on Sally’s dress.

After I drew the patterns, I assigned a color to each shape by writing the name or initial on them. I did this so that I could ensure that I wouldn’t repeat 2 colors in the same area.

I began painting with the Royal Fuschia (pink) first. I thought it would be most efficient if I painted all of the shapes labeled pink and let the paint dry before I moved on to the next.

The second color I used was the Dark Yellow.

The third color I used was aqua.

The last color I used was Black.

I painted multiple layers until the pencil wouldn’t show through. My advice for you would be that I wish I wouldn’t have made the pencil writing so dark.

The candlestick was beautiful without the patterns but I had to complete the work. I used a black craftsmart paint pen to draw Sally’s dress patterns.

I drew swirls and polka dots and checkered patterns. I added faux stitching to the edge of the patterns to make it appear sewed on.

This is how they looked side by side: Magnificent!

Bonus Work

I had 2 stemless glass tumblers from the Dollar Tree and I wanted to paint Sally and Jacks face on them.

I used black paint for Jacks face

and White, black and a bit of red for Sally.

They were fun to paint but honestly, Sally’s face ended up looking more like a Simpsons character, in my opinion.

So I removed the glasses and opted for white glass snowball paper weights I found at the Dollar Tree.

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