Mummy Nutter Butter Cookies

Have you ever tried Mummy Nutter Butter Cookies? They are absolutely delicious! These scrumptious treats are made with our special recipe, combining the perfect blend of rich peanut butter flavor and a soft, buttery texture. The best part? They are shaped like adorable little mummies!

Mummy Nutter Butter Cookies are perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a spooky Halloween party or a fun-filled movie night with friends. You’ll love how they look, with their white chocolate drizzled over the cookie to resemble mummy bandages. Each bite is a delightful combination of sweet and nutty, leaving you craving for more. So why not grab a plate of these delightful treats and enjoy the taste of Mummy Nutter Butter Cookies today? They are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser and will satisfy your sweet tooth like no other! Are you looking for a deliciously fun treat to make for Halloween? Look no further than these adorable Mummy Nutter Butter Cookies! With just a few simple ingredients and some creativity, you can create spooky and tasty treats that everyone will love. Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party, attending a school event, or simply looking for a fun activity to do with your family, these Mummy Nutter Butter Cookies are perfect for any occasion.

Mummy Nutter Butter Cookies


To make these Mummy Nutter Butter Cookies, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Nutter Butter cookies: These peanut butter sandwich cookies serve as the base for our mummy faces. They are deliciously creamy and add a peanutty twist to the cookies.
  • White chocolate chips or white candy melts: The white chocolate or candy melts are used to create the mummy’s bandages and give the cookies their signature look. You can choose whichever option you prefer or have on hand.
  • Candy eyeballs: These small candy eyeballs bring the mummy faces to life and add a touch of whimsy. They can be found in the baking aisle of most grocery stores or online.


Before you can start decorating your Mummy Nutter Butter Cookies, you’ll need to prepare the cookies and melt the white chocolate or candy melts.

To prepare the cookies, simply open the package of Nutter Butter cookies and lay them out on a baking sheet or a large plate. This will make it easier to dip them in the melted chocolate later.

Next, melt the white chocolate or candy melts according to the package instructions. You can use a microwave or a stovetop double boiler for this step. Once melted, set the chocolate aside and let it cool slightly before dipping the cookies.

Mummy Nutter Butter Cookies

Dip the Cookies

Now comes the fun part – dipping the cookies in the melted white chocolate or candy melts to create the mummy’s bandages. Holding the cookie by one end, carefully dip it into the melted chocolate, making sure to coat it completely. Lift the cookie out of the chocolate and let any excess chocolate drip off.

Place the dipped cookie back onto the baking sheet or plate and repeat the dipping process with the remaining cookies. Once all the cookies have been dipped, place them in the refrigerator for about 10-15 minutes to allow the chocolate to set.

Decorate the Mummy Faces

Once the chocolate has set, it’s time to decorate the mummy faces! Take your candy eyeballs and place them on each cookie, using a small dot of the melted chocolate as glue. You can arrange the eyes however you like – one big eye, two small eyes, or even crossed eyes for a silly mummy face!

To create the mummy’s bandages, use a toothpick or a small food-safe paintbrush to drizzle more of the melted chocolate onto the cookies in a crisscross pattern. This will give the illusion of bandages wrapped around the mummy’s face. Get creative and have fun with it!

Mummy Nutter Butter Cookies


While the classic Mummy Nutter Butter Cookies are delicious on their own, you can also try some variations to mix things up and cater to different tastes.

If you’re a chocolate lover, try making chocolate-covered mummy cookies. Instead of white chocolate or candy melts, use melted milk or dark chocolate to dip the cookies. The result is a rich and decadent treat that will satisfy any chocolate craving.

For those who can’t resist the combination of peanut butter and chocolate, try making peanut butter mummy cookies. Simply spread a thin layer of peanut butter on the Nutter Butter cookies before dipping them in the melted chocolate. This adds an extra layer of flavor and pairs perfectly with the creamy chocolate coating.

If you’re looking for a fruity twist, consider making fruit-flavored mummy cookies. Instead of using Nutter Butter cookies, choose a different flavor of sandwich cookie such as vanilla, strawberry, or lemon. Decorate them in the same way as the classic version, and you’ll have a refreshing and fruity treat that is perfect for summer parties or after-school snacks.

Tips and Tricks

To make your Mummy Nutter Butter Cookies even more impressive, here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind:

  • Use a toothpick for precise decorating. If you want to create intricate patterns or add small details to your mummy faces, use a toothpick instead of a brush. The fine tip allows for more control and precision in your designs. You can also use the toothpick to clean up any stray chocolate or smooth out any rough edges.
  • Add colored icing for extra details. If you want to take your mummy faces to the next level, consider using colored icing to add extra details. You can use black icing to create eyebrows or a mouth, or even use red icing to make it look like the mummy is dripping with blood. Let your imagination run wild!
  • Keep the cookies stored in an airtight container. To keep your Mummy Nutter Butter Cookies fresh and prevent them from drying out, store them in an airtight container. This will help preserve their flavor and texture for longer, ensuring that they stay delicious for days.

Mummy Nutter Butter Cookies

Serving Suggestions

Mummy Nutter Butter Cookies are versatile and can be served at a variety of events and occasions. Here are some serving suggestions to get you started:

  • Halloween parties: These spooky treats are perfect for Halloween parties. Place them on a platter alongside other festive treats and watch them disappear.
  • School events: If you’re looking for a treat to contribute to a school event or bake sale, Mummy Nutter Butter Cookies are a great option. Kids and adults alike will love the adorable mummy faces.
  • Family gatherings: Whether it’s a casual get-together or a special occasion, serve Mummy Nutter Butter Cookies as a fun and tasty dessert option. They’re sure to be a hit with everyone in the family.

Kids Involvement

Making Mummy Nutter Butter Cookies is a fun activity that kids can get involved in. Here are some simple steps for kids to participate:

  • Assist with dipping the cookies: Kids can help dip the cookies into the melted chocolate. Make sure they are supervised and handle the hot chocolate carefully.
  • Decorate the mummy faces: Let the kids get creative and decorate the mummy faces with the candy eyeballs and the chocolate bandages. Encourage them to experiment with different designs and have fun with it.
  • Teach basic kitchen skills: Making these cookies is a great opportunity to teach kids some basic kitchen skills, such as measuring ingredients, melting chocolate, and working with different tools. This hands-on experience will help them develop a love for cooking and baking.

Mummy Nutter Butter Cookies

Special Occasions

While Mummy Nutter Butter Cookies are perfect for Halloween, they can also be enjoyed on other special occasions. Here are a few ideas:

  • Birthdays: If you’re throwing a birthday party with a Halloween or monster theme, these cookies would make a fantastic dessert option. Serve them alongside a themed cake or cupcakes for a memorable celebration.
  • Classroom activities: If you’re a teacher or parent looking for a fun and interactive classroom activity, consider making Mummy Nutter Butter Cookies with the kids. They can decorate their own cookies and enjoy them as a special treat.

Allergy-Friendly Options

If you or someone you know has dietary restrictions or allergies, there are allergy-friendly options available for Mummy Nutter Butter Cookies. Here are a few ideas:

  • Gluten-free mummy cookies: Use gluten-free sandwich cookies instead of Nutter Butters to accommodate those who avoid gluten. There are many gluten-free options available at grocery stores or specialty stores.
  • Dairy-free mummy cookies: Use dairy-free white chocolate chips or candy melts to make the mummy’s bandages. You can find dairy-free alternatives made from ingredients like coconut milk or soy.
  • Nut-free mummy cookies: If someone has a nut allergy, choose a different type of sandwich cookie that does not contain nuts. Make sure to check the ingredients label for any potential nut cross-contamination.

Storage and Shelf Life

To ensure that your Mummy Nutter Butter Cookies stay fresh and tasty, here are some storage tips:

  • Properly storing the cookies: After decorating the cookies, store them in an airtight container to prevent them from becoming stale. Place parchment paper or wax paper between the layers of cookies to prevent them from sticking together.
  • Duration of freshness: Mummy Nutter Butter Cookies can be enjoyed for up to one week when stored properly. However, it’s worth noting that the longer they are stored, the softer the cookies will become.
  • Freezing options: If you want to make these cookies ahead of time, you can freeze them for up to three months. Place the cookies in a freezer-safe container or a freezer bag and thaw them at room temperature when ready to serve.


In conclusion, Mummy Nutter Butter Cookies are a delicious and spooky treat that is perfect for Halloween celebrations. They are easy to make, fun to decorate, and offer endless opportunities for creativity. Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party, looking for a classroom activity, or simply want to enjoy a delicious sweet treat, these Mummy Nutter Butter Cookies are a great choice. Get your ingredients ready, gather the kids, and prepare for a memorable baking adventure!


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