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Monster Salt and Pepper Shakers


Monster Salt and Pepper Shakers

Norcrest Monster Mash Ready for a Halloween Bash – Salt and Pepper Shaker Set – Creepy Fun!

I just think these two are fun! I love the detail on their faces….the feet with the great big white toe nails are just to die for!

These scary fellas are 5 inches tall and 2 1/4 inches across.

No chips or cracks, really very good to near mint condition.

Mini Salt & Pepper- monster Crazy Critter

This little Monster will add some whimsy to your table. Or maybe it’s an Alien Life Form come to study us earthlings? Either way, add some salt or pepper and shake away!

Crazy Critter Salt Shakers are one of a kind, handmade ceramic pieces. Use them in your kitchen or on your dining room table, for a whimsical addition to your meals, or display your collection around the house. Each Crazy Critter is unique, so be sure to collect a few Crazy Critter friends!

What’s a magic salt shaker? There is a hole in the bottom – turn it upside down and pour in a Teaspoon or so of table salt, or ground pepper. The salt comes out of the same hole when you shake the critter up and down.

*each shaker is about 3.5″ tall; tray is about 8″x4″

Turquoise and green ceramic monster salt and pepper shakers

Height: 3 Inches; Width: 3.5 Inches
These one of a kind cute little fellas will make a unique addition to your dinner table while serving a very important function at meal time. They are hand made from low fire clay, glazed on the interior for durability, hand painted on the exterior with acrylics and stains, then varnished for extra protection. Comes with a plug on the bottom of each for refilling. Clean with a damp cloth, not dishwasher safe. Put these guys to work at your next meal, they don’t bite!

Ceramic spice shaker. Little cute salt sellar. Beautiful handmade ceramic useful decor for your kitchen

This tiny handmade ceramic spice shaker can be used to spread any spices with small parts to your dishes.
I use alike cutie at home as a cinnamon shaker for my morning coffee. It helps me to keep a smile all day long.
I designed it as a fantastic forest inhabitant who keeps the magic of herbs inside. Of course, it has a little cork on its back so as not to lose all the magic.

It is handbuilt with beige clay, fired, glazed and fired again on 1050 C (1922F). It glazed inside as well and all glazes are food safe.

Approx dimensions:
Holes Diameter 3 mm (0.1″)
Opening diameter 1.5 cm ( 0.4″)
High 7 cm (2.6″)
Width 5 cm (2″)

ceramic salt and pepper shakers, Funny shakers set

These funny ceramic salt and pepper shakers set are THE perfect table centerpiece. These two adorable monsters are very impressive and fun to use. you are allowed to play with your food 😉
It is a perfect as a housewarming and valentines day gift. Approximate Dimensions:
Height 2.7in
Width 1.2in
Depth 1.2in

Product care:
Hand wash, just be careful not to break it.

THIS IS NOT A TOY and should be kept out of children’s reach.

Little Egg of Horrors, One Piece Salt ‘n Pepper Shaker

Lights.. camera.. ACTION! It’s another Creepy Creature Feature with “Little Egg Of Horrors”!! The unique ONE-PIECE shaker is the hungry Egg Plant that is waiting for its next meal. The novel shaker sits on a custom base that will send you right into the movie set. Each shaker vignette is hand sculpted with fine porcelain and lovingly hand painted with a fired overglaze paint. A final touch is added with an accent of a many Swarovski crystals. This set measures total 3 1/2″ H x 4 1/2″ W. Sculpting varies slightly making each one unique.

Vintage 1960s Norcrest Monster Zombie Salt Shaker

This little guy is awesome!

Vintage from the 1960s…Norcrest zombie salt shaker. Slight chip in the head on the back. Please see all photos.

Monster Rotten Eggs Porcelain Salt and Pepper Shaker, S&P, Allyson Nagel Original Designs

How rotten are these eggs…? Monster Rotten!! Here’s a very unique Salt and Pepper shaker for your collection! Slightly on the dark side, but hauntingly clever, these monster eggs will liven up your collection. The set is hand sculpted of porcelain and hand painted using a fired overglaze paint. Sculpting varies making each set uniquely original. The shaker set is signed, dated and marked as an original. Each egg measures approximately 2 3/4″ H and has a natural cork stopper.

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