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Mini Jack O Lantern Succulents

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Mini Jack O Lantern Succulents

Handcrafted live mix succulent plants ,Halloween style

Handcrafted live mix succulent plants (cobweb & chocolate soldier)
Holloween style pot

Organic Live Succulent Plant Arrangement!

These colorful succulents give off new vitality wherever they are placed. Whether you are buying this unique gift for yourself or a loved one, know there will be feelings of love and happiness.

These ONE OF A KIND succulent arrangements are hand-planted in northern California using locally grown succulents. There are 10 families of succulents and over 10,000 variations. The succulents used have rooted or are clippings that will root over time.

Materials: Planter, Soil, Live Succulents

3″ Diameter
3″ Height
The planter has no drain hole.

Air Plant with Pumpkin Planter

Air plant with pumkin planter. Comes with moss to fill planter. Very easy and fun to grow!!

Air plant available in two sizes.

*Air plant may vary slightly in size or color.

Cute Custom Pumpkin Air Plant Planter Desk Decor Home Decor Gift Kitchen Decor Office Decor Halloween Party Favors Pumpkin Fall Kawaii

Looking for a adorable decor option for your home or office? Well you made it to the right shop! You will definitely be the envy of all your office coworkers /friends when they see this adorable planter sitting on your desk. And did you know these make wonderful gifts as well!

This item is handmade. Pineapple was hand sculpted by me and then turned into a mold.

Size: about 2 1/2 inches end to end

Includes: Air plant, Planter & How to care for sheet

Succulent in Plastic Jack-O-Lantern

Bright light. Do not overwater

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