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Michaels Halloween Haul 2020 – Kids Crafts Edition


Michaels Halloween Kids Crafts Haul 2020

Welcome to my Michaels Halloween 2020 Kids Crafts Haul! Michaels has their Halloween Merchandise at 40% off now and I took advantage of it today. They don’t have adult Halloween craft kits, ahem Michaels! But I ran into a very colorful display near the front.

If you’ve been to your neighborhood Michaels, you will see they have a display section with crafts from Creatology near the front of the store. It’s right behind their bargain wall filled with small craft items for $0.99 or so. Most of the Creatology Craft Kits were foam crafts at this Michaels.

I chose to buy 3 3D foam kits because the put together models of them were impressive! They had the completed ones sitting on the top of their display section. I believe these foam crafts are interactive. They are very colorful and have a lot of embellishments and characters to see.

Spooky Fun House Foam Craft Kit by Creatology

Haunted Foam House
This Fun house has a happy purple monster face with big googly eyes and his bushy orange eyebrows need a little work. There are barred windows on one side and crooked stairways on the other side leading upstairs, which is reminiscent to me of an actual fun house. I like the purple glitter accents and can’t wait to see it put together.

Spooky Tree House Foam Craft Kit by Creatology

Spooky Tree House
The thing that caught my eye about this craft kit was the Tim Burton-esque style of the tree with the spriral ends of the branches. The house is also rickety and crooked as well. I think the glitter accent pieces are a 3D Kit Creatology signature accent.

Boo Bus Foam Craft Kit by Creatology

Foam Bus Craft Kit
This bus has a skeleton driving at the wheel, hands free by the way. Two ghosts ride along the side and 3 pumpkins ride at the top. They each have halloween party hats and the smiling jack o lanterns have balloons near them. I think they’re on their way to a Halloween Party.

Halloween Suncatcher Kits by Creatology

Halloween Suncatcher Kits
I also bought 3 Halloween Suncatchers for under a dollar each. I bought a Jack O Lantern, a Halloween Cat and a Moon & Bat design.

Glow in the Dark Wiggle Eyes by Creatology

Glow in the Dark Wiggle Eyes
Do I really have to explain googly eyeballs? Googly Eyeballs are a Halloween essential! Slap these on anything and you get an instant Halloween decoration. I actually got these for a craft project I have in mind to make.

Well, that’s everything for the Michaels Halloween Haul 2020! I suggest to hit up their sales if you’re looking for a cheaper option. Even though it’s this close to Halloween (we have about 3 weeks left), there are still plenty of Creatology Crafts to grab and they’re on sale now.

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