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Karen Mask Maker Says This About His Design

Halloween 2020 is the year of the Bat. Well, it started with a bat… and then there was Karen. Karen isn’t a specific person. Karen became a fictional character based on 2020 events.

2020 brought to light injustices based on perceived privilege and class.

The idea of Karen became famous on social media like Tik Tok, and the countless skits watched by many people during quarantine or lockdown.

Karen inspired many artists to create things like sarcastic fabric face masks that say,”Okay Karen” or “Calm Down Karen” or “Not Today Karen”.

Karen also inspired the Etsy store, Kamoras Costumes, to design a realistic personification of “Karen” with a sparkle of Halloween Magic to create what the artist says (according to this 8NewsNow news article) is, “The scariest thing you can possibly be on Halloween”. See his Karen Mask design here: Karen Mask by Camoras Costumes