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How to Make a Wood Halloween Photo Box Frame for Kids


How to Make a Wooden Halloween Photo Box Frame for Kids

I saw a wooden craft drawer at the Dollar Tree craft section the other day. When I saw it, I had the idea to make a 3D photo frame as a Halloween gift.

I picked up a 16 oz bottle of purple Tempera Paint by Prang. This type of Ready-to-Use Tempera paint is usually used for Kids crafts and as a poster board paint, but I wanted to make this project as a kids Halloween decor item – so it made sense to use a kids paint.

Prang Tempera Paint has bright color pigmentation, as you will see with this project. This paint is non-toxic and can wash off your hands with water. Also, Tempera paint is fast drying so I was able to add a few coats of paint the same day.

I found a Hallmark Kids Halloween card that was perfect for the project.

I used a cheap synthetic paint brush for the entirety of the project. I didn’t prime the wood – but if you want to prime your project, you can use an acrylic medium to do it.

Time to Paint

I took the cap off the bottle and stuck the paint brush into it to grab a glob of paint.

I wasn’t careful with the amount of paint or the paint technique I used since I wanted to cover the entire surface of the drawer.

The first coat of this paint looked like a thin wood stain. You can’t really go over wet tempera paint with more tempera paint because it scrapes the first layer of paint off.

The first coat had a light lavender color and didn’t look like it covered much wood. The wood peaked out from underneath the paint as you see in the picture below:

Tempera paint dries with a powdery Matte finish. There is no gloss to it.

I painted the outside of the drawer and the inside walls. I didn’t do the inside part of the drawer since I intended to use that area for the card.

The photo below shows the first coat of paint on the drawer in an almost dry state. Notice this kids paint dries with a chalk-like finish.

I added the second coat of paint and you can see that the second coat covers the wood more.

Here is the chalk-like finish to the second coat of paint.

I added a third coat of paint later in the evening. The paint dried within about 2-3 hours each coat.

I grabbed the hallmark card and cut it with scissors — this is NOT recommended. A paper cutter is a much better tool to use to give you a precise straight line. I didn’t have one handy at the time, the cut turned out goofy. I would have been better off folding it into a tight crease a few times and then tearing at it.

I used the image of the card for inside of the drawer and the cute sentiment on the backside of the drawer and added stickers and a signature and a date when the gift was created.

This can be used as a cute decorative item for a kids room for Halloween.

I wanted to show the different ways you can decorate this purple matte color photo box. Craft foam is also Matte and it went well with the photo box. I added a cat on a fence and a little foam witch to show how this can easily show the depth of the box for a 3d effect.

I then added a top part to a Spooky Treehouse 3D Foam Kit I put together in another blog post.

The matte of the foam went perfectly!

Getting Adventurous with the Project – Creating a Metallic Effect

I found Dragonfly Glaze in Violet Blue-Green at Michaels. This is made by FolkArt and they come in many colors. It’s used as a top coat to paint to add depth and shimmer to your project, if that’s what you’re looking for.

I added the first coat of glaze. It had a very thick milky like texture and color when first applied.

During this project, I wanted to see what would happen if I used this glaze on a plastic Halloween Cat sun catcher project I made from a different blog post.

I globbed this cat with glaze.

This is what it turned out like when it dried.

The drawer didn’t turn out too glossy but there was lots of dramatic color changing shimmer. It changed color as the light hit it at different angles. Also, the bottle recommends 3 coats for a super drcmatic effect. I only used 2 coats on the drawer. But it gave a very dramatic difference anyway!

It turned the paint darker which made me think of using the Purple color with this Glaze for another project involving Nightmare Before Christmas because the finished color matched that theme.

Thank you for learning about my Wooden Halloween Photo Box Frame for Kids!

How to Make a Wooden Halloween Photo Box Frame for Kids

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