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How to Make a Spiderweb Jewelry Holder Frame


Do you want to update your vanity area for Halloween? This ghoulish Spiderweb Jewelry Holder makes an eye-catching display and can hold jewelry, clips, Halloween sentiments and more.

It starts with a Frame

I found this decorative wood frame at Michaels. It reminded me of Disney’s Haunted Mansion. I found 2 matching candlesticks to complete a set.

The materials used for this project were the wooden frame, black tempera paint by Prang, and twine.

I began painting the wooden frame.

I used a few coats of the black paint to get the coverage I was satisfied with. I made sure the paint was fully dried before I added a new coat. Otherwise the paint will scrape away if you try to add a new coat when the paint is wet.

Setting the Stage for the Web

I grabbed a foam circle about the size of a quarter and placed it in the center of the frame.

I set the stage of the spiderweb by deciding where my eight points would be. I put each twine through the circle in the center and tied each piece in a very loose knot at the ends.

I used a small piece of twine to reinforce the circle in the center by tying it in a knot.

I undid a twine string and tied a knot at its designated section of the circle in the center. See the photo below:

I taped the other end of the twine to the frame. It’s a little hard to see the tape in the photo below because the lighting was dim.

I placed a tack in the center of the taped twine. I accidentally applied too much pressure to the tack and it went through to the other side. I corrected this problem by pulling the tack up a bit.

I wrapped the twine around the tack and tied it to reinforce it.

I repeated this process to the rest of the twine pieces.

Creating the Web One Piece at a Time

I cut a short piece of string and knotted each end to the twine closest to the circle. I didn’t want a tight, taut web but you have the option to do that. Notice how I used a short string for each section, you can use one long string and just knot as you go, but I didn’t want my sections to be dependent on each other.

I did this to each section. Here is the first circle of the web.

This is what it looks like on the other side:

This is the second circle:

The front of the second circle:

and finally the third circle:

The front of the third circle:

Painting the Web

I began to paint the web by dabbing globs of paint to the twine. I don’t recommend brush stroking because I didn’t want to create more stray fibers on the twine.

It’s Ok to Be Messy

Here is what the twine looked like after dabbing it with paint. What a mess!

I also painted the back side of the twine.

Here is the frame when the web dried:

I strung my jewelry on the frame, added a few trinkets and memories and things that were special to me.

How to Make a Spiderweb Jewelry Holder Frame

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