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How to Make a Spiderweb Caldron Votive Candle Holder


Halloween draws near and I still have a few crafts to make and to showcase. I created a Spiderweb Caldron Votive Candle Holder and I would like to share the details with you!

These votive candles look great as an addition to a Halloween table display. It’s about the size of an apple, which is the perfect for a decorative item on a work desk with limited space.

The Products:

I used these items:
– Craft Glue from Crafters Square – I didn’t want to use hot glue because the project can get messy and I didn’t want to burn my fingers. This clear craft glue worked well with gluing the string to the glass and drying quickly.

– Black Tempera Paint by Prang – I chose tempera paint because I wanted the light to shine through the paint and I didn’t have stained glass paint on hand. Tempera paint dries matte and has a soft velvety appearance when dried after a few coats. The light will shine through even after a few coats; I used 3 coats on this project. Tempera paint is not usually a long term paint on glass (without a top coat or sealer, and it will come off if wet. I used a top coat for this project.

– Glass Votive Candleholder – I found this cute glass at Michaels for $0.99.

– Dragonfly Glaze by Folk art – this product is color shifting and has shimmer. I have used this product on other projects and I like that it cures within a few hours. The color I chose to use was Violet Blue Green Shift. The other colors were sold out. I was happy to find this one.

– Twine – I bought 120 Ft of Twine, so you will probably see it in a few projects this year.

It Starts with a Dot of Glue

I put one dot of glue in the center of the votive candle, placed the tip of the string there and held it down.

I proceeded to add dots as I wrapped the twine around the glass.

You can see the dots of glue on the glass below and how messy it can be (or how messy I can be), but the glue held the string well! Notice I don’t have my hands on the glass in the picture. I wanted to show that the glue held the string up.

This was temporary though, I continued to put pressure on the string above the glue dots with my fingers as I wrapped the twine around.

To Trim, or Not to Trim?

I finished wrapping the twine, cut the end and glued it. The image below shows the twine has a lot of fibers sticking out. You have the option to trim these stand-away fibers – I didn’t trim them for this project.

Let the Painting Begin!

I started painting the glass votive and the string. I think I should have painted the glass before gluing the twine. I’m curious to know how that would have looked.

It looks so sloppy and messy when wet – the perfect look for Halloween! I believe the photo below is the first coat…

Here is the project after the second coat:

Let the Shine Begin

After the paint dried, I added the DragonFly Glaze. I believe I used 2 coats and then touch ups.

Here is the votive candle with a second coat of the Dragonfly Glaze.

Here is the Votive Candle fully cured. It still has a wet look.
How to Make a Spiderweb Caldron Votive Candle Holder

This is what it looks like with the LED votive candle turned on inside. I don’t know if the chemicals are flammable.


Here is a video of this candle in the dark! Wait for it….

My Movie 8

These are the Products I Used….

PRANG Ready-to-Use Washable Tempera Paint, 16-Ounce Bottle, Black (10709)

Washable formula easily washes off skin and most clothing and provides bold, vibrant colors
The non-settling formula lets you avoid shaking and stirring
Ergonomic design with easy pour spout helps prevent messes and spills
Available in 8oz, 16oz, 32oz, 128oz and ready-to-use version
Non-Hazardous formula allows safe use by artists of all ages, AP certified non-toxic

FolkArt Dragonfly Glaze Multi-Surface Paint, Violet-Blue-Green

Add a touch of show-stopping sheen to your DIY projects with the innovative, lustrous paint, FolkArt Dragonfly Glaze. Designed as a topcoat, the paint’s extraordinary light-reflective pigments create an iridescent finish allowing multiple colors to be viewed from different angles. Layer over dark or light base colors to create an intense, shimmering finish that makes an impact on a variety of surfaces.
Multi-Surface Formula
Shimmering Finish
Can be used over both light base colors and dark base colors to create a vivid effect
Available in 2 oz. bottles
Water base, non-toxic, Made in the USA
Eyeball Caldron Votive Candle