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How to Make a Jack O Lantern Pinata Treat Bag


How to Make a Jack O Lantern Pinata Treat Bag
We’re nearing Halloween and I have more Halloween Crafts to make! It brings me joy to make crafts for my visitors who are looking for Halloween inspiration. This time of year is busy with Halloween, because to me, Halloween launches the start of the holiday crafting and I won’t get a break again until Summer after the 4th of July. I’m very excited about it but like the Shelter in Place, we thought it would be easy in the beginning… and then the months went by and things became harder. Soon it became apparent that living under restrictions of normal outdoor activities will be the new way a life for at least a year.

With a required face mask donned, I headed to Dollar Tree and found this fun Pinata Kit by Crafters Square for only a dollar.

I took the contents out of the package. The Pinata Treat Bag Kit came with the thin cardboard jack o lantern frame, two jagged pieces of cardboard, orange streamer paper, silver foil paper, yellow streamer paper, a black ribbon and the jack o lantern face stickers.

This is the shape of the Jack O Lantern Silhouette in thin cardboard and the two Jagged edged rectangle pieces.

The kit did not come with instructions on what to do with the two rectangular shapes, but they had folds on one end and after moving the pieces around and bending them for a while I saw how they were meant to work.

I glued the folded ends underneath the piece in between the pumpkins, so they could fold upwards.

I then folded the little jagged teeth of the 2 rectangle pieces upward.

I put a drop of glue on each “tooth”.

I stuck them towards the edge of the side of the pumpkin. It took a while to manipulate the cardboard to turn around the shape of the pumpkin. I held the glued pieces down for a while because the tension of the cardboard kept wanting to release it and unstick. I ended up using glue and tape to reinforce the sides.

I did the same thing to the other side and used tape to reinforce them on the inside of the treat bag.

This is what it looked like with both sides completed. It wasn’t perfect and you could see the light peeking through but it worked and the tape made the structure strong…quit making me feel bad about it!

I stood it up – here is the standup and profile view of how it came out:

I opened the streamer paper package and glued the orange and silver sheets – one on top of the other.

The paper formed a square on the pumpkin. I trimmed the edges to match the curves of the pumpkin.

I repeated this process to the other side of the pumpkin treat bag and then put on the Jack O Lantern smiley face stickers on the front of it.

I grabbed the ribbon and cut it to fit the bag. I attached tape to the ends of it to make it easier to run through the holes on the side. I tied a knot and reinforced with tape and a sticker. I added halloween stickers (not in the kit) to fill the blank sides.

and now our Halloween Jack O Lantern Treat Bag is done and ready to be filled with candy!
How to Make a Jack O Lantern Pinata Treat Bag

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