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Halloween Succulents

Set of 3 Mini Spooky Fall Live Succulent Cactus Planters Cat Ghost Pumpkin Jack O Lantern Gift Free Shipping

Set of 3 Spooky Planters
Approximately 2in in diameter.

Each comes with live plant, plants will vary.

Each will be cactus or succulent.

Halloween Pumpkin Jack ‘O Lantern Frankenstein Succulent Favor thank you child teacher gift

These are ceramic containers, with a choice of Pumpkin/Jack O’ Lantern or Frankenstein with dirt, moss, and a small succulent clipping. Perfect for a teachers gift, host gift for Halloween/Holiday Parties!

Succulent clipping will be approx. 2″ in diameter and will vary from the photo, and may vary depending on availability. We’ll include as best as possible a combination of succulents to give variety. If you would like all the same looking plant, please let us know.

Size is small, slightly bigger base than a tea light (see picture for reference).


Halloween Succulents, Set of 3, Pumpkin Skull Frankenstein 2″ Live Plants Echeveria Sempervivum

Set of 3 Live Succulents in Halloween Pots – Pumpkin, Skull, Frankenstein. Each planter is plastic and about 2 inches in size.

The succulents shown are:
– Echeveria in the Pumpkin planter
– Green Sempervivum (Hens & Chicks) in the Frankenstein planter
– Spiderweb Hens & Chicks (Sempervivum Arachnoid) in the Skull planter

You will receive plants very similar to those shown but may not be the same exact plants.

Autumn succulent planters

Real succulent planted arranged into pots. Decorated for the season. Perfect indoor plants. Need to be watered once a week, need low to moderate light.

Succulent Halloween

Fairy Halloween in dark pot with a beautiful real succulent

Cute Halloween Themed Succulent/Pot Combo

Cute little halloween decor with live random, easy to care for succulent.

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