Halloween Skittles – Zombie Skittles Are Back For 2020!

Are you ready for some spooky fun this Halloween? Well, look no further because Halloween Skittles has something special in store for you! Get ready to experience the return of Zombie Skittles for 2020! That’s right, these creepy and delicious treats are back to give you a frightfully delightful candy experience.

With their mysterious and surprising flavors, Zombie Skittles are sure to make your taste buds tingle. Each pack contains a mix of regular fruity Skittles along with a few sneaky “rotting zombie” flavored Skittles. The catch? You won’t know which one is the zombie flavor until you take a bite! It’s like a mini game of taste roulette that adds a thrilling element to your candy indulgence. So, brace yourself and grab a pack of Zombie Skittles to add an extra dash of spookiness to your Halloween festivities. Happy haunting!

Halloween Skittles - Zombie Skittles Are Back For 2020!


Get ready for a spine-tingling treat this Halloween because Zombie Skittles are making a comeback in 2020! This limited-edition candy, known for its mysterious and deliciously creepy flavors, is sure to be a hit among candy lovers of all ages. With their unique flavor profile and exciting packaging, Zombie Skittles are the perfect addition to any Halloween celebration.

What Are Zombie Skittles?

Zombie Skittles are a special edition of the classic candy that adds a thrilling twist to the usual Skittles experience. Each bag is filled with a variety of flavors, including five fruity favorites and one hidden surprise flavor that can only be described as “zombie.” The element of surprise is what makes these Skittles so intriguing and exciting. You never know when you’ll come across a zombie Skittle that will leave you craving more.

Halloween Skittles - Zombie Skittles Are Back For 2020!

Return of Zombie Skittles

After a successful debut in 2019, Zombie Skittles are back by popular demand. Fans of these ghoulish treats will be delighted to know that they can once again experience the thrill of trying to uncover the secret zombie flavor. Skittles has answered the calls of candy enthusiasts everywhere and brought back this limited-edition product just in time for Halloween.

Limited Edition Packaging

To make the zombie experience even more immersive, Zombie Skittles come in special limited-edition packaging. The iconic Skittles logo is transformed into a spooky, Halloween-themed design featuring zombies and other creepy creatures. The packaging not only captures the essence of the holiday but also adds to the excitement of the mystery flavors that await inside.

Halloween Skittles - Zombie Skittles Are Back For 2020!

Flavor Profiles

The flavor profiles of Zombie Skittles are a true delight for the taste buds. Each bag contains a mix of flavors such as cherry, lime, orange, lemon, and berry. But the real adventure begins with the hidden zombie flavor, which can range from mild to tongue-tinglingly intense. It’s this unpredictability that keeps candy lovers coming back for more, eager to find out what flavor awaits them next.

Challenges and Prizes

For those daring enough to take on the challenge, Zombie Skittles offer a unique experience. Skittles has introduced a “Dare to Try” challenge where individuals are encouraged to try a handful of Skittles and see if they can handle the zombie flavor without flinching. Participants can share their reactions on social media using the hashtag #ZombieSkittlesChallenge for a chance to win exciting prizes. This challenge adds an interactive element to the candy, turning it into a fun and engaging activity for Halloween enthusiasts.

Halloween Skittles - Zombie Skittles Are Back For 2020!

Consumer Reactions

Since their initial release, Zombie Skittles have received overwhelmingly positive reactions from candy fans around the world. The combination of the familiar Skittles flavors with the element of surprise has created a thrilling experience that keeps people hooked. Social media platforms have been buzzing with eager consumers sharing their reactions, videos, and photos of the zombie-inspired treat. With Halloween being a time for excitement and thrills, Zombie Skittles have found the perfect place in the hearts of candy lovers everywhere.

Availability and Pricing

Zombie Skittles are available for a limited time leading up to Halloween. They can be found at various retailers, both online and in physical stores, that carry Skittles products. Due to their popularity, it’s recommended to grab a bag as soon as possible to ensure you don’t miss out on this spine-chilling delicacy. As for pricing, Zombie Skittles are typically sold at a similar price point to regular Skittles, making them an affordable and delicious option for Halloween treats.

Halloween Skittles - Zombie Skittles Are Back For 2020!

Other Halloween Skittles Products

In addition to Zombie Skittles, Skittles offers a range of other Halloween-themed products to satisfy all your candy cravings during this spooky season. From “Bride’s Bouquet” Skittles to “Super Sours” Skittles, there is something for everyone. These limited-edition treats come in festive packaging and feature unique flavors that are sure to delight taste buds. Whether you’re a fan of the classic fruity flavors or crave something more on the sour side, Skittles has a Halloween-themed option just for you.


This Halloween, embrace the excitement and indulge in the deliciously mysterious flavors of Zombie Skittles. With their limited-edition packaging, unique flavor profile, and interactive challenges, Zombie Skittles are the perfect addition to any Halloween celebration. So, dare to try the unknown, share your reactions with friends, and join in on the spooky fun. Get your hands on a bag of Zombie Skittles today and experience the thrill of the zombie flavor for yourself!


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