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Halloween Cat Licorice Candy

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Halloween Cat Licorice Candy

Gustaf’s Traditional Dutch Licorice Cats, 5.2 oz Retail Bag

Gustaf’s Licorice Cats 5.2 Oz Bag – Dutch Traditional Style Licorice
Firm and Sweet Traditional Dutch Licorice Cats.
5.2 oz Retail Bag
Imported Holland

Kraepelien & Holm Licorice Cats, 2.2-Pound Bags (Pack of 3)

Made with sugar and licorice extract
Firm and sweet licorice, with a fun cat shape
Traditional Dutch black licorice made in Holland
Fat-free snack; contains no cholesterol with a natural flavors and colors. Gluten Free.
Net Weight: 2.2 Pound Bags (pack of 3)

Venco Licorice Cats 5.8 Oz (Pack of 4)

Four bags 5.8 Oz each for a total of 23.2 Oz of Dutch Licorice.

Gustaf’s Black Licorice Cats, 5.2 oz Bags in a BlackTie Box (Pack of 3)

Includes three 5.2 oz bags of Gustaf’s Black Licorice Cats
Product of the Netherlands
In a BlackTie Box

Katjes Kinder Licorice Cat-shaped Drops 200g Licorice Pieces (Pack of 3)

Made in Germany
3 x 200 g
Katjes Kinder

Venco Dutch Licorice Cats (Katjes) Drop Candy – (3-Packs) – Dutch Holland Liquorice Candies, 5.4 oz Per Bag

Venco Dutch Licorice Cats (Katjes) Candy – (3-Packs) – Dutch Holland Liquorice Candies, 5.4 oz Per Bag)
A cat shaped black licorice, also called Katjes
A delicious gourmet licorice in bits; Dutch licorice is also called drop.
A product of the Netherlands, these are a hard and sweet (hard zoet) licorice candy
Venco licorice comes in multiple flavors and sizes

Venco Black Licorice Cats 2.2 Lb Bag

Firm and sweet this Dutch Black Licorice is imported from Holland. One 2.2 Lb bag (35.2 oz)

Katzen Ohren- Hard Licorice Candy Cat Ears, 3 Pack by Katjes

KATIE’S Little Kitten Ears: Hard Licorice Candy Cat Ears or Katzen Ohren, are a European candy and vegetarian treat containing NO animal gelatin..
GERMAN BLACK LICORICE CANDY: deliciously spicy sweet with herbs and plenty of flavor imported from Germany.
ALL NATURAL: Made with quality European ingredients form all-natural sources for a treat that’s tasty and good.
FAT-FREE CANDY: Real licorice root juice, along with extracts of chamomile and herbs, make this chewy natural candy very tasty.
TOTAL WEIGHT: 21.3 ounces. Net weight. 200 grams (7.1 ounces) per pack. Contains three packs.

SweetGourmet Premium Dutch Licorice Cats | Gus

Country of Origin: Holland
Traditional Dutch black licorice made in Holland
Purrr-fectly delicious sweet and firm. Approximately 160 pieces per pound.
Fat Free snack | NON GMO | No cholesterol
Net Wt.: 2Lb (906g)

Haribo Katinchen 200 g

Haribo Katinchen 200 g

Gustaf, Firm Black Licorice Cats (3.500 Lbs)

Estimate per order: 3.500 Lbs in a Sealed bag (Aprx 588 Pcs)
Product of Gustaf, Holland
Color: Black

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