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Halloween Bat Soap Page Two

Purple glitter bat soap

Currently available in lavinder and rosemery scents perfect for a gift or for halloween lovers

Handmade Soap: Crawl into my Coffin / Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

You’ll have everyone going batty over you with this lovely scent. Entrance those around you with this heavenly and intoxicating woodsy smell.

Accent any countertop with this eye-catching conversation piece

A sensual blend of Arborvitae, Basil, Spearmint, and Olive Oil to lavish one’s self in this beautiful essence that transports one’s mind to a moonlit fairytale.

Each bar is handcrafted and hand pressed making them perfectly unique

Size: Approximate Measurements: 2.5 – 3 inches tall x 2.5 inches wide x 1 inch thick (slight variance in size can occur as each bar hand poured/pressed)

Weight: Approximate Weight: 2-3 ounces

Black and purple glittery bat soaps

Made to order and are perfect for halloween or as a gift
Vary in colour and scents

Bat Soap

All my soaps are custom sculpted by my husband

You can pick your scent as well! Each scent has a different color, not all are pictured

2 Bat soap Moonlight witches bath fantasy soap

Soap is useful for the skin of the body because of the beneficial oils and vitamins that make up the body. It is tender, has fine foam, and a delicate aroma scent.
Custom-made soap may differ slightly from the photo, since all soap is made by hand. Our soap is made with love, not tested on animals, 100% vegan.
This listing – Set of 2 bat soap.

2 Bat soap Moonlight witches bath fantasy soap Halloween gothic gift design novelty unusual soap gold grey soap gift for boy decorative soap

The Bat Coconut & Shea Soap

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Coconut oil soap base, food coloring for a touch of color, Tangerine, poppy seeds, & lemon juice.

Marshmallow bat soap

Made with:
Goat milk
Marshmallow oil

Goat milk soap difference with regular glycerin soap, additives can collect in one area. With goat milk soap adjectives float additives through out your soap!

Set of 6 Bat Soaps – bats, party favor, glycerin, vegan, goth, halloween, halloween wedding, spooky

This is a set of 6 two-ounce bat-shaped soaps. Each soap is made individually to your specifications. I love this soap because unlike most other bat soaps, instead of being flat and thin, this soap is almost two inches tall which means that it lasts longer and retains it’s shape the entire time!

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