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Ghost Starbucks Reusable Tumblers


Ghost Starbucks Reusable Tumblers

Halloween Ghost reusable starbucks cold cup, Iced coffee tumbler, coffee gifts

Ghosty starbucks venti cold cup

Ghost Starbucks Venti Cold Cup

This 24 oz Starbucks Venti cold cup comes decorated in permanent vinyl for durability. The cup pictured is in Shimmering glitter white, but can be customized to the color ! The ghost cup comes completely covered with several different ghostly designs.

Bat & Ghost / “Spooky Season” / Halloween Starbucks Cup

The perfect Halloween cup ! Ghosts + Bats surround the cup, and glows in the dark, able to customize with your name to add the perfect touch!

Halloween Ghost Starbucks Cold Cup Tumbler / Cute Ghost Tumbler

Venti 24 Fl oz Reusable Starbucks Tumbler

Custom Color-Changing Ghost Starbucks cup | Halloween Starbucks Cup | Spooky Starbucks Cup

Enjoy the start of this spooky season drinking your favorite drinks out of this awesome color-changing ghost themed Starbucks cup!! When not in use, the ghost are opaque and almost transparent. Once a cold drink is added, the ghost quickly transition to a blue color!!

Halloween Inspired Custom Starbucks Cups, spooky Ghost| Ghost vibez | Halloween gifts| Halloween Cups

These Halloween inspired cups are Spooky vibez! You need this in your life!

– Each cup can be personalized with your name! When ordering please add if you want your name vertical or horizontal on the back!

All my creations are handmade! They are made one by one therefore, each creation will have slight differences from what is pictured ( color & placement). As a perfectionist, I make it my duty to make sure each custom order is perfect for you! Thank you for trusting me with your dreams!

CUSTOM HOLOGRAPHIC STARBUCKS Reusable Tumbler – Ghosts – Halloween – Gift for her – Halloween Lover – Halloween Addict – Starbucks Addict

Custom holographic ghost venti Starbucks cup

Starbucks cold cup tumbler, ghost Starbucks cup, Halloween ghost reusable cup

Halloween ghost Starbucks tumbler
Boo cup.

24 fl oz tumbler / cold drinks only.
Includes: Tumbler, straw, lid

Can be personalized with name.
Make sure spelling on name is correct.
Font color black
Choose from 4 fonts

Halloween Starbucks Reusable Cold Cup

Capacity: 24 Fluid ounces
These cups are made to order!
Cups are NOT dishwasher or microwave safe!
Cups will come with clear lid and green straw

ghost cold cup| halloween tumblr| halloween cold up| 24oz Starbucks cup| spooky cup

one custom venti cold up •
contains lid, straw and decal already on
BPA free ( no harsh plastic chemicals )

Ghost Halloween Starbucks Personalized Tumbler | Venti Reusable Starbucks Cup

Don’t want your name on the cup? Just message me, we can do ghosts all around!

This halloween Starbucks cup is a perfect gift for any fall lover!

These 24 ounce ‘Venti’ reusable cups are a hard durable plastic. Each cup comes with a clear lid and green reusable straw!

Ghost Wrapped Starbucks Cup

Just in time for Halloween!

Full wrapped ghost Starbucks cup.

Ghost can come in the color of your choice!

Can add name as well!

Custom Ghost Starbucks Cold Cup, Starbucks Tumbler, Personalized Tumbler

Custom Ghost Starbucks Cold Cup 24oz (Venti). Personalization available with the name of your choice. All personalization will be placed vertically down the back of the cup in BLACK vinyl.

Please note, if no name is given, your cup will be sent unpersonalized.

BPA-free reusable cold cup with lid is perfect for any coffee lover.
This design is crafted from commercial grade high-quality vinyl to ensure the durability of everyday use.

Halloween Starbucks cup, Ghost Starbucks cup

Ghost cup, wrapped all the way around!

The designs are made from high quality vinyl.
Cups include lid and straw.
Please Hand wash cups to ensure vinyl stays intact, straw and lids are dishwasher safe.

Halloween Ghost Starbucks Cold Cup

For Cold Drinks Only ~ Handmade Item – Handwash only – DO NOT place in Dishwasher. Permanent adhesive Vinyl – my work is not associate with Starbucks in anyway

Spooky Ghost, Star, and Moon Starbucks cold cup Personalized Starbucks Reusable Coffee Cup 24oz cup

This is a reusable Starbucks cup in their Venti size(24oz) and it comes with the plastic lid and straw. The design features various ghosts, stars and moons in a holographic Orange vinyl(color may appear different than pictured due to lighting, but that’s what makes it cool)! You can also add your name to this cup in any location you’d like, please just let me know in the personalization space!

24oz Plastic cup with plastic lid and plastic

Halloween Starbucks Cup/ Ghost Starbucks Cup

Get ready to have a spook-tacular October with this fun ghost Starbucks cup!

Personalization is optional on backing!

What’s Included:
Reusable cup, straw, and lid
Care Instructions:

Do not microwave or add the drinkware to the dishwasher. The cups must only be hand washed with cold or warm soapy water. This cup is meant for cold drinks only, do not add hot liquids.

Starbucks Reusable Cup, Halloween Fun, Spooky Ghost, Funny Ghost, Cute Gift, Fun Gift
Starbucks Cup, Funny Ghost, Halloween Cup, Great gift, Cute Gift,

Bad And Boo-sy Starbucks Cup, Halloween Starbucks, Fall Tumbler, Ghost Custom Cup

Bad and Boo-sy Halloween Starbucks Cup!

Venti size (24 oz) Starbucks reusable cup is BPA free and can be used at participating Starbucks locations for a 10 cent discount on your beverage.

-Straw included
-Handwash only!

Heart Eye Ghosts Starbucks Reusable Cold Cup

Enjoy this specialty decorated Starbucks cup! Each one is decorated with premium, permanent vinyl decals which are kiss cut and applied by hand. Due to the handmade nature of the product, variations and differences in the design are to be expected.

These plastic reusable cups are BPA free. Though the original printing states that they are dishwasher safe, the custom vinyl decorations require hand-washing for longevity and should never be put into the microwave.

The cold cup is 24 ounces and will fit up to a venti sized drink. It is 10 inches tall (with straw inserted) and has a four inch diameter at the widest point. Each cup comes with a green reusable straw.

Starbucks venti iced coffee cup|fall Halloween custom cup|ghosts

Customized Starbucks venti cold cup

BPA Free. Reusable and Recyclable

Includes Lid and Straw

Take cup to any Starbucks and receive 10 cents
off your purchase

Halloween ghost and pumpkin Starbuck Reusable cup, ghost cup, pumpkin cup

Customized Ghost and Pumpkin Starbuck Reusable Cold Cup Tumbler.

Starbucks Reusable Cup, Halloween Fun

Starbucks Reusable Cup, Halloween Fun Cup, Cute Ghost, Cute Gift,

Ghoul friend, Starbucks Cup, Halloween

This is a 24 oz Venti reusable Starbucks cup with custom Halloween decals and a name decal. This order will come with the cup, lid, and reusable straw. Please enter the name you would like on the cup and if you want the first letter at the top or bottom of the cup. These cups are hand wash only.

Ghosts venti reusable cup

Starbucks Cold Cup 24oz (Venti). BPA-free reusable cold cup with lid.

Did you know that when you use a personal tumbler or cup at Starbucks, you save 10¢ and another paper cup every time

A personalized design is crafted from commercial grade high-quality vinyl to ensure the durability of everyday use.

-Hand wash only
-Do not soak in water
-Do not use dishwasher
-Do not leave in sunlight or heat
-Be careful not to drop

Halloween Starbucks Cup Venti Spooky Season Bats Ghosts Reusable Cold Cup Color Changing Cup

Brand new authentic Starbucks cup in venti size (24 oz) with lid and straw. Tumbler can only be used with cold beverages. Available in the color changing cups or opaque cup.

This listing is for Starbucks cup with bats and ghosts, perfect for Halloween!

Available in different vinyl colors and patterns. **Foil vinyl isn’t as strong or durable as the solid colored vinyl, better for indoor use**

Halloween ghost Starbucks cold cup

Custom Halloween cold cup with lid and straw.

Halloween Starbucks Cup |Fall Cup | Ghost Cup

This listing is for 1 venti customized tumbler.

Custom Starbucks Cup With Ghosts Venti Starbucks Reusable Cold Cup with Transparent White Ghosts Personalized Halloween Cup Halloween Gift

Personalized Handmade Reusable Starbucks Cup
This Personalized halloween cup is perfect for Halloween lovers
Custom Halloween Cup With Ghosts

Pick between white ghosts or transparent ghosts

Ghosts will be placed all around the cup

Your name can be added to the cup, name will appear across the back

24 ounce “venti” Starbucks cup – comes with design, straw, and lid

Halloween Ghost & Bat Starbucks Cup, Reusable Starbucks Cup, Personalized Starbucks Hot Cup, Starbucks Cold Cup

Enjoy your Starbucks or drink of choice in this beautiful cup. The cup includes a halloween design with
a black glitter web and black glitter bats, and can be made in a hot grande cup or a cold venti cup. These can be personalized with a name on the back if desired.

The cups are plastic and can hold 16 oz (hot cup) or 24 oz (cold cup) of liquid.

Halloween Color Changing Cup/ Starbucks Color Changing Cup/ New Color changing Cup

Starbucks Color changing Cup
Cow print

Custom Starbucks tumbler venti cold cup freak in the sheets ghost

Custom made
Bpa free Starbucks reusable cold cup
Sealed with FDA approved epoxy to protect the vinyl from cup sweating with cold drinks
Other colors and personalized options available. Please message me for personalized options

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