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Frankenstein Lanterns

Frankenstein Lanterns

Gas can jack-o’-lantern

This is a hand cut gas can jack’o’lantern-

This can has been burned and has awesome and unique colors. I then clear coat it to preserve its one of a kind patina-

All cans have been washed and clearcoated and are super clean!

Measures 15” tall and 11” diameter-

Frankenstein’s Monster Beer Can Lantern: Boris Karloff Pop Art Candle Lamp – Unique Gift!

Each piece is a recycled beer can, hand-carved by the artist with a craft knife to create an amazing visual effect. The simple addition of a tealight candle turns each can into a unique portrait lantern featuring a striking silhouette image. This item is a totally unique, hand-carved beer can featuring a portrait of Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s Monster. The effect works by placing a tealight candle inside (the base is cut out so the can fits over it) allowing the light to shine through the carving creating this amazing silhouette image which looks very cool in a darkened room… Makes a great one-off gift and a must have for any horror fan!

Frankenstein Lantern

Handcrafted out of pallet wood, these little porch lanterns are perfect for the spooky season! Just pop a tea-light candle or battery candle in the mouth and they light up awesome! They also have hooks on the top in case you would like to hang then.

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