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Dollar Tree Halloween Haul 2020

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Dollar Tree Halloween Haul 2020

I’m a little late in the Dollar Tree Halloween Haul Blog Post Game so I apologize. I hope you like this because I bought tons of stuff! These things will go to good use because I plan on making Halloween Treat Bags for my nieces and nephews – and I have plenty of them to shop for… Enjoy Part 1 of this Dollar Tree Halloween Haul 2020 series…

A Cup of Joe Started My Day

I didn’t wake up this morning with Halloween shopping in mind. I woke up, brewed a hot cup of Joe – as one does in the mornings, and I began work on a Trending Halloweens Costumes List. I can only sit so long before my caffeine doused body will not allow me to sit still any longer. I needed to take a screen break and needed to get exercise.

I headed over to Michaels to see if there was useful Halloween Crafts on sale. I plan on taking walks at Michaels more often to familiarize myself with the store and their new merchandise. I think everyone should do that more often!

All of the Halloween merchandise is on sale 40% off at Michaels right now. The Michaels by me only had Ready-Made Halloween Decor, a few baking supplies and Creatology Kits for kids. So I’m late in the Halloween Craft game as well. They are beginning to stock up on Christmas Merchandise, by the way. I think even their Thanksgiving stuff is on sale at this point.

I picked up a Creatology Kit for kids on sale, (you will be seeing that in a future blog post). It would be nice if they sold Halloween Kits for Adults. I didn’t see any. I also picked up a set of mini pots that I plan to paint black for a DIY Mini Halloween Plant project for the desk.

Get on with the Haul Already!

I headed to my friendly neighborhood Dollar Tree and noticed they had tons of Halloween stuff. The things I saw were a few decorative items, a few costumes, halloween themed candy, and little toys sold in bundles, which was perfect for my Treat Bag Gift project. I saw the cute Goodie Bags with colorful Halloween Decocrations and I immediately became inspired. Their displays and aisles were ransacked and in a mess but I dug through the piles and started my Halloween Haul journey.

Halloween Candy Should be Fun as Well as Tasty!

This is the candy I bought for the treat bags:

Halloween Candy

I tried to pick out the candy bags with Halloween Themed Candy. Their stock was the lowest in the Halloween Candy Department.

Here is the candy list:

1. Spooky Selfies Lip Pops Lollipops by Flix Candy – 4 individually wrapped mini pops come in a bag. I’m very excited about their Halloween Packaging. I appreciate good packaging and the packaging on this candy is bright and fun and screams Halloween. They are all Blue Raspberry Flavored. The happy vampire holds up a smart phone showcasing a selfie of a kid with fangs lip pops. Cute! @FlixCandy wants you to share your instagram selfie #LipPopSelfie. I think that’s a fun way to get kids to enjoy their Halloween Candy!
Lip Pops

2. Pumpkin Pals Milk Chocolate Jack O Lanterns – These oval faced Jack O Lanterns by Palmer wear shades, eyepatches and goofy grins. The clip art is funny. The packaging is very bright and Halloween-style with crawling spiders on their webs. Each chocolate has a foil wrapping with Jack O Lanterns on them. I was a bit disappointed that the chocolate itself was just a smooth oval piece of chocolate with no jack o lantern imprint. I was expecting the jack o lantern imprint. I think the devil’s in the details and for this season, the details should be a priority!

3. Boo Bling Jewelry Candy – Love the packaging on this Halloween Candy by ZomBee as well. The fun Zombie hand is blinged out with candy jewelry on the front of the package. I appreciate that each piece is individually wrapped with their Halloween logo on each package. This is a fun candy kids can wear and have fun with.

4. Goog-ly Eyes by Palmer – Palmer has great packaging on this classic Eyeball Halloween Candy. The foil wrappings have very veiny pupils that are blue, green and hazel. They are Chocolate Crispy Candy. As suspected, the chocolate inside does not have the eyeball imprint. This eyeball candy is so creepy when they roll around on a flat surface! I’m sure this will have tots laughing.

5. Ghoul-Aid Popping Candy – Kids love Pop-Rocks and so I know they will have fun with these Scary Berry flavored Popping Candies. Each package inside is a surprisingly thick plastic – not a goofy flimsy plastic and they have that little tear on the side that helps little hands open them with ease. I think Kool-Aid did Halloween candy justice with this popping candy.

Toy Bundles Galore!

I have about 10 Treat Bags to build this year and I don’t like skimping on Halloween Treat Bag contents, so I was pleased to see there was a pretty good assortment of bundled affordable toy favors at the Dollar Tree near me.
Halloween Bundled Toys

The purple matching branded packaging is so satisfying to see and they make a great photo when they’re piled together! These toys are manufactured by Greenbrier International, Inc.

Part 1 Part 2

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