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Dollar Tree Halloween 2020 Treat Bags

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Dollar Tree Halloween 2020 Treat Bags

Thank you for following this Blog series about my Dollar Tree Halloween 2020 Haul! Yesterday, I reviewed the Halloween Candy I found left at the Dollar Tree. I went so late in the season that most of the Halloween Candy was gone. This is part 2, the making of the Treat Bags. There were plenty of bundled Halloween Toy Favors available. So these treat bags are going to be have more toys than candy.

But First, Part 2 of the Haul –

Halloween Toy Favors lot
The toys were manufactured by Greenbrier International, Inc. The toys that I found during the haul were:

1. Bright Paddle Ball Toys – I love the bright Halloween Images on each Paddle Ball racket. I’m sure this toy isn’t the best quality, but they’re fun to look at and will spark curiosity. My favorite one is the black cat. They’re made of plastic and are not very thick. These toys won’t last too long without the ball snapping off. They probably won’t last past the night, but I may be wrong!
Paddle Ball Toys

2. Black Cat and Jack O Lantern Putty – It’s interesting that these are called Putty. Their consistency is not thick. It’s a little too wet for slime even, but I would have labled these slime. As the toy above, these aren’t the greatest quality. I like the shapes of the small containers.
Cat and Pumpkin Putty

3. Halloween Icon Stampers – These little stampers are cute! I used a page out of an old bullet journal I had made earlier this year for 2020 – Yeah, that bullet journal was retired by early March. No thank you, Coronavirus pandemic. I had such high hopes for this year. The ghost stamper has a cute ghost design with glasses. I love that little detail added to the icon! The ink isn’t black, it was more of a Midnight Blue color.
Halloween Stampers

4. Halloween Spin Tops – Spin tops are fun. I spun the eyeball design on my Dollar Tree Haul Video

Halloween Spin Tops

5, 6, 7. Glittered Halloween Bat Hair Clips, Vampire Fangs and Glow Bracelets – The girls in the group I’m making these treat bags for outnumber the boys. So these bat hair clips came in handy. The black glittered bats caught my eye – They hair clips are covered in fine glitter. I kept one of the black bat hair clips for myself – how could I not! I would love to add a magnet to the clip to put on my fridge or wear it in my hair for work one of these days. So cute! The vampire fang toys glow in the dark and are activated by direct light. We used to put glow in the dark toys near our lightbulbs when we were kids, but I recommend that an adult actually does this for the kids because lightbulbs get hot and might cause injury. The glow bracelets are cute but don’t actually last long. I tested one of the purple ones and it was out after a few hours. They are first activated by bending the tubes and hearing a pop at every pressure point. It’s as satisfying as popping packaging bubbles.

8, 9, 10. Halloween Pencils, Stickers and Erasers – The pencils have a colorful and fun bright design to them. I was impressed by the imprint of the erasers – You will see a close up of them later in this post. The characters are vampire, ghost, bat, witch, jack o lantern and frankenstein. I was hoping that inside the boxes were a roll of stickers, but it only came with a single sheet.

11, 12, 13. Halloween Notebooks, Owl Foam Craft Kit and Monster Finger Puppets – All of these things will keep little hands busy! The finger puppets do not glow in the dark. I’m in love with the miniature notebooks. I never know what to do with them though. I will put together an owl foam craft kit to show you how they look assembled.

So by the end of the Dollar Tree Halloween Haul, I had 13 varieties of toys and 6 varieties of Candy. This formula made a pretty decent Halloween Treat Bag, in my opinion. I think this is definitely a healthier option than a bag full of candy!

Assembling the Halloween Treat Bags

The plastic treat bags have Halloween icons in a Black, White and Orange motif. The plastic is thin but the bag is surprisingly sturdy. The sides are designed to expand as things are added which was a pleasant surprise. This wasn’t something I considered looking for in a treat bag. It did not expand at the bottom, however. I would have liked that feature as well.

I started the treat bags with the glow sticks that came with a small tube sealer to keep the bracelet in tact.

I proceeded with filling the bags with the Monster finger puppets and their flailing arms.

The bats and the fangs were next to go into the treat bags. I used a small ziplock bag to house the fragile bat hair clips.

I proceeded with the foam owls. By this point I was noticing the amount of packaging trash that was mounting in a pile on the floor next to my foot. I suggest you have a trash bag nearby to pick up as you go so you don’t get mixed up with the bags, like I did!

Here are the erasers I mentioned above. The imprints are deep and give detail to the characters!

I continued to fill the bags with toys and then candy. I included two Spirit Halloween Fake Blood Syringe pens for the older boys to make up for the Hcir clips.

These treat bags came with a silver twist tie as seen in the picture below.

I twisted the bags and included a foam Halloween sticker to embellish the packaging. I lined up the finished bags and emptied the contents of one of the bags to show how much product each bag carries. I think the kids will be getting a decent variety of things to entertain and have fun with.
Dollar Tree Halloween 2020 Treat Bags

Part 1 Part 2

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