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DIY Glow in the Dark Halloween Vase Fillers

So this Halloween Craft is a little strange. I hope you like the fillers I used for this vase. I found this vase at the Dollar Tree. all of the items here are from the dollar tree actually, except for the glow-in-the-dark paint. The paint was reasonably priced at Michaels – $2.99 I think?

Scrummaging Through the Mess

These were the last Styrofoam Eyeball Ornaments at the Dollar Tree, so of course I had to snatch them up. So late in the season, I scrummaged through the pile of Halloween items left in the corner of the holiday aisle. Christmas decorations have already taken over the display areas.

I found bling spider rings, metallic purple and orange pipe cleaners, styrofoam Halloween Bat Picks (set of 5), nd white sphere vase fillers (set of 3) in the gardening section at the Dollar Tree.

Slapping On Glow-in-the-Dark Paint

Eyeballs and Vase

I painted the white area surrounding the glittered eyeballs with Glow-In-The-Dark paint by Deco art. I like this paint because it isn’t green. It paints an off white color, which disguises it’s glow-in-the-dark effect in the daytime. It’s a messy task and I used craft paper to protect the table while I painted.

Here are the white sphere vase fillers I painted as well. You will also see a bat pick in this pic.

Who Says Halloween isn’t Pretty!?

I glued white pearl beads to the bat picks and painted them with Glow-in-the-Dark paint as well. I also painted the styrofoam bats.

I set the painted eyeballs, the vase fillers and the bat picks on a plastic tray to dry. Letting them dry on the craft paper would make them stick to the paper and will tear the paper and leave the torn piece on the item you painted (learning from experience).

I liked the gooey drip effect this paint created on the glass rim of my Halloween Eyeball Tealight Candle Holder Caldron project, so I decided to use the same technique on this vase. It reminds me of Cinnabon icing.

Filling the Empty Space with a Pop of Color

Although the Eyeballs had bright purple and blue, I felt the project was missing color. I also wanted to fill the empty space surrounding the spheres in the glass. I used the purple metallic pipe cleaner and wrapped it around the end of a paint brush to make it hold a spiral curl.

Here is the spiral curl.

I did the same thing to an orange pipe cleaner and tied the ends to make a single long piece. I added a few more pipe cleaners to make the piece longer, interchanging the colors.

I attached the jeweled spiders to the pipe cleaners. If I had stronger glue, I would have attached these spiders to the outside of the vase or the glass inside the vase.

The Year of the Bat

I taped the pearled bat picks to the back part of the glass.

I added one vase filler at a time while simultaneously spiraling the pipe cleaner within the glass vase – not an easy task. The pipe cleaner was stubborn and wouldn’t spiral the way I wanted it to spiral.

What is It?

Here is the finished project. This might have looked amazing as a Floral arrangement as well.

DIY Glow in the Dark Halloween Vase Fillers

It Glows!

Watch This Video!

DIY Halloween Vase Fillers

Products for this Project

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