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Creepy Chocolate Muffin Top Spider Cake

If you want a cake that adds creepiness to your Halloween party, consider a Creepy Muffin Top Spider Cake. A little frosting, a chocolate muffin and some black licorice can help you make the spider for your creepy cake!

Creepy Chocolate Muffin Top Spider Cake

Preparing the Cake

1. Take one box of your favorite chocolate cake mix and mix it according to the package directions.

2. Bake in two cake pans of your choice and allow to cool completely.

3. While the cakes are cooling, scoop 2 cans of vanilla frosting into a large mixing bowl.

4. The frosting color for your cake is up to you. You can use white frosting or can combine food coloring to come up with a more colorful frosting.

If you choose to make a colorful cake, we recommend yellow and blue food coloring (or yellow and green) until you come up with a Spooky green color.

5. Spread a layer between the two cakes, and the cover the rest of the cake with frosting.

The Web

1. Draw a spiderweb on the top of the cake using black icing.

2. You can start by drawing lines straight across as though the cake was a clock from 12 to 6, 1 to 7, 2 to 8, etc.

3. Then, starting at the center of the cake, draw larger circles working their way outwards until the web is complete.

The Spider

1. Take a chocolate muffin and cut off the stem so that you are left with the Muffin top.

2. Frost the muffin top with chocolate frosting and then roll in chocolate sprinkles or Halloween Sprinkles.

3. Set the decorated muffin top onto the web and attach small pieces of black string licorice as the legs.

If you would like to get even more creative, you can extend your web down the sides of the cake, and draw on bugs and other spiders using icing.

Remember, with a few cake decorating skills and some creativity, you too can create spooky Halloween desserts.