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Creatology Halloween Suncatcher Kits Review


During my Michaels Halloween Haul 2020, I found Creatology Halloween Suncatcher Kits on sale at Michaels that I bought for about $0.59 cents each! <–what!?. Naturally, I was excited about finding these cute DIY decorations at a cheaper price than usual.

The Michaels I went to had a few designs to choose (you can see their listing at the end of this post), and the 3 suncatchers that caught my eye today were the Jack O Lantern, the Black Cat, and the Bat & Moon designs.

The suncatchers are made of a hard plastic. They each came with a 3 piece paint pot set and a plastic applicator tool.

The first suncatcher I worked on was the Moon & Bat design.

This just so happens to be the year of the Bat and The Blue Moon!

I bought this design because it is super relevant to 2020. I titled it the year of the bat because
the US Mint chose to print bats on quarters this year and the global pandemic may have started with a bat. I explain the Halloween Blue Moon in this blog post – Things to Do to Make Halloween 2020 Epic in the Pandemic.)

The Moon & Bat design came with Black, Purple and Yellow liquid fillers. These paints have a thick and oozy, slimy consistency, and you fill the areas on the suncatchers with these colors.

* All the areas are indented – they’re not flat. You have to fill them with the liquid paint like a bowl. The liquid is applied with the applicator, and the paint hardens as it dries.*

The applicator tool has a point at the end of it and the other end of it is flattened and curved in a spoon like design. The directions didn’t say what the spoon end was for but I quickly found its use as I worked on the bigger sections of the suncatchers.

I opened the yellow paint pot first. It was difficult to pop open and I was worried the liquid would fly out if I applied too much force to pop the lid off the top. If you’re working with kids, an adult has to open these pots carefully for them.

I left the other two paint pots closed until I needed them. I worked with 1 color at a time. I applied the liquid to all of the parts I would color yellow first. I started with the smallest area, the bats eyes. I poked the liquid with the sharp end of the applicator and a tiny droplet gathered at the end of it. It just took 1 drop to cover each eyeball.
It’s important to note these paints are toxic. I noticed a strong scent to them when I had to get close to the Suncatcher to focus on filling the tiny areas.

The moon had a big surface to fill so the other end of the applicator – the scooper – helped gather liquid in larger amounts. I scooped and spread the liquid to fill the big areas.

When I finished my yellow sections, I closed the lid until it snapped shut and made a popping sound. If it doesn’t snap shut, the liquid can leak out.

I worked with the purple sections next. The purple was almost pastel in color. It wasn’t as vivid vs the yellow.

The purple liquid pot started to harden. There was a stringy piece like plastic stuck to the lid.

I filled the black areas next and the Suncatcher really came together!

My complaint about the kit is that there aren’t other color selections to use. They only provide 3 colors per kit.

The bat had a little bow to fill and the nose would have been cute in another color. I think the kit should have also had red. It would have been helpful if they had a cream color for the face. I filled it with purple but I still can’t decide how I feel about that decision?

A Jack of All Trades – Especially at the Pumpkin Patch!

The second design I worked on was the Jack O Lantern. The 3 Colors that were included were relevant to this kit.

I began with the Yellow again. The yellow from the Moon & Bat design still had plenty of paint left so I used the rest of it on the Jack O Lantern Eyes and Mouth.

There wasn’t enough Orange paint to cover the Jack O Lantern completely. If I didn’t have the paint pots from the other kits, the paint that it came with would not have been enough! The picture below shows that I ran out of paint around the mouth of the Jack O Lantern.

Here is a picture of the orange jack o lantern filled with paint from the other kit.

Finally finished the Jack O Lantern!

Halloween Cat

The Halloween Cat kit came with orange, yellow and black. I tried to mix the yellow and orange to make red for the tongue and ears. But combining them only made a bright orange color.

Here is the finished cat. I ran into the same problem with using the black fill for the entire cat – I ran out of paint. I finished the cat with another paint pot from another kit.

I don’t think this kit is great for young children because the paint is toxic, and there are tiny areas that need careful dexterity to fill. Little ones are more messy.

Creatology Halloween Suncatcher Kits Review

Here is the listing of the designs of the Halloween Suncatcher Kits sold at Michaels

You can’t buy them on the Michaels website though, you have to try to catch them now while they are still available at their physical store.

Assorted Suncatcher Kit by Creatology™ Halloween
This item comes in assorted styles. While we make every effort to ensure items in stock are represented accurately online, at this time, we are unable to ensure that you will receive this item in the style you see pictured.

Allow your munchkin’s creativity to shine brightly with this delightful suncatcher kit by Creatology. This activity kit come with assorted shades of paint to help your kid make a cute and spooky suncatcher for Halloween.

Includes an assortment of styles
1 kit (style may vary)
15 minute craft
Conforms to ASTM-D 4236
For ages 6 and up
3 paint pots 0.05 fl oz (1.4 mL) each
1 applicator

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