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Building a 3D Foam Craft Spooky Treehouse

Building a 3D Foam Craft Spooky Treehouse
Welcome to a new 3D Foam Craft Kit build! In this blog post, I build a Treehouse 3D Foam Craft Kit by Creatology. You can find these craft kits at your local Michaels or buy them online while we’re still in Halloween season.

The picture below shows the unboxing:

These foam craft kits by Creatology are sturdy, well designed and filled with stickers and glittered embellishments. With all the embellishments in place, there isn’t much blank space by the end of the project. These craft kits seem to have “busy” designs and lots to see when they’re put together.

This is what the kit looks like pulled out of the box:

Sorting the Pieces

I started the project by sorting the foam pieces by their designated letters assigned in the directions, and put them in ziplock bags to organize the project. Organizing it this way made the individual pieces easier to locate as I followed the directions step-by-step.

The Build

Like the Halloween Fun House kit (a different build), this kit has you prepare the characters first.
I added my own glow in the dark eyeballs for this project instead of the eyeball stickers the kit came with. The eyeball stickers did not glow in the dark.

These pieces below were my favorite and reminded me of Tim Burton’s fun dark cartoon-like style:

There are Bats in the Trees

The next step was to decorate the trees with glittered foam star stickers and glittered bats. Then, attach the trees to the orange back wall.

3D Starts Now

I attached the purple roof and the orange side walls which made the treehouse 3 Demensional. This kit came with yellow glittered rectangle stickers to use behind the windows to give the appearance of light behind the window.

I didn’t want to use the yellow rectangle stickers for the window. I wanted to attach a LED tea light candle instead. I attached the facade piece to the treehouse.

I added the purple sticker foam to decorate the face of the treehouse and another tree branch to the side. I also added a crooked purple door foam sticker. The striped foam piece you see in the picture is the tree trunk for the base of the treehouse. There is also a purple foam piece to attach to the striped trunk as the roof.

I attached more foam sticker embellishments, such as the pink glittered foam circle sticker to the trunk, a black window to the roof and the house, black accent wall pieces and glittered embellishments to the roof.

I added a foam stair case to the tree trunk piece, a cat on a fence and a few character stickers.

I added 2 silhouette bushes with sticker embellishments to the green project base.

I attached the trunk to the green project base and set 2 tealight LED candles to the tree trunk and the roof where the house would sit on top. I also added the glow in the dark eyeball flowers and added more characters.

This is what the project looks like in the back:

Thanks for reading this Spooky 3D Foam Treehouse build!
Building a 3D Foam Craft Spooky Treehouse

Please Watch the Video to See This Treehouse in the Dark!

Here is the Product Listing if you want to buy this while it’s still available:

Halloween 3D Witch Tree House by Creatology®

This adorable 3D witch tree house kit is an ideal craft project for little ones. It includes all the pieces you need to assemble it in no time!

Includes assorted colors
Makes 1 tree house
Requires 45 minutes
For ages 6 and up
50 foam stickers
24 foam shapes
10 color-printed paper stickers
1 – 5.9″ (14.9 cm) glitter chenille stem

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