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Bat Coins in the Middle of a Global Pandemic


2020 is a year that will forever be known worldwide as the year of the Global Pandemic – the Novel Coronavirus – Covid-19…. and the US Mint chose to honor Bats as the official US Quarter for 2020.

We’re in the middle of the Covid-19 Global Pandemic (as I write this) and our initial, wide-spread belief was that the virus came from bats sold in wet markets in China. The bat practically became the mascot for the Novel Coronavirus.

Is it a coincidence that the US Mint chose to circulate official 2020 US Quarters with an image of a bat and it’s offspring in the back of them or were they printed on purpose?

To debunk the myth, we need to know the origin of the bats: Covid Bats are from China, the bats the US Mint chose to honor are from Hawaii.

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