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Add Personal Touches to Your Halloween Events


Add Personal Touches to Your Halloween Events
Whether you plan to take the kids trick-or-treating or have a large-scale party, there are many creative ways to make this Halloween unforgettable.

Creating your own Halloween essentials is a great way to have a unique celebration while saving money. Perfect Glue, a great resource for family-friendly Halloween projects, offers these simple money- and time-saving tips for a frighteningly fun night.

* Host a pre-Halloween decorating party. Gather with friends and family to create Halloween decorations. The quality time spent together is priceless and creates cherished memories.

* Add flair to costumes – Create costume accessories for you and your family. A pumpkin goodie bag, for example, is a fun item that trick-or-treaters will proudly carry.

DIY Pumpkin Goodie Bags
To make a pumpkin goodie bag, you’ll need orange, black, yellow and white felt, ribbon, scissors, a white pencil and Perfect Glue 1. Begin by tracing a pumpkin onto orange felt and cutting out two layers. Apply the Perfect Glue around the edges and glue the layers together, leaving the top open. Cut pumpkin face features out of the black, white and yellow felt. Glue the pieces onto the front. Finally, cut two long ribbons for the handles and glue to the inside of the bag. Let the bag dry for at least one hour before allowing the treats to flow inside.

Make Your Own Keepsake Table Ornaments
* Design ghoulishly delightful home decor. Create an outstanding tablescape using eye-catching candy holders and terror-ific trees with branches filled with spiders and skulls. Make ornaments out of felt in the shape of traditional Halloween symbols – pumpkins, black cats and ghosts, for instance. As an added touch, stuff each ornament with candy or other fun keepsakes.

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